Jason Taylor in the building

Jason Taylor, in Day 2 of the Jets’ full court press, was brought into the weight room at the team’s Florham Park Facility and introduced to some of his potential teammates.

Yesterday was the helicopter ride, but today is about the relationships the Dolphins outside linebacker would need to form if he decided to make New York his home.

“I think if the Jets want you, they going to lay the red carpet out for you,” Jets LB Calvin Pace said. “And that’s a good thing, obviously they did it for LaDainian.”

For the record, Pace said the obligatory helicopter ride on his own visit was something he endured rather than enjoyed, but he is one of many defensive players who said Taylor would be welcome here.

“I think it’s be good for us,” Pace said. “It’s always good to add another body to the mix. His track record speaks for itself so it’s positive.”

If he signed here, Taylor’s relationship with the Jet fans might need a little repairing. Shaun Ellis, who is going into his 11th season with the Jets, said the fans would come to appreciate what Taylor could do for the team, and not just after recording a couple of sacks.

“I think when he runs out of the tunnel on day one they’ll be cheering,” Ellis said.

Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody said it was funny to see Taylor poke his head into the weight room with all the lineman in there, after years of going up against him, and getting a personal tour from Ryan.

“Rex is the ultimate salesguy and I’m sure he’s going to throw everything at him today,” Woody said.