Parcells: Sanchez not ready to carry team

Former NFL coach Bill Parcells is surprised by the Jets' early struggles -- who isn't? -- and he believes it would be asking too much of Mark Sanchez to lift the team out of its funk.

"He's a developing player, just like all young quarterbacks, and there's going to be some good and some not-so-good," Parcells, an ESPN studio analyst, said Tuesday on ESPN New York 1050's "The Mike Lupica Show." "The good thing about Sanchez, he's acquired an awful lot of big-time game experience in his short time in the league. I think that will serve him well."

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The Tuna added, "Before you can drive a Ford, you have to be able to drive a Cadillac. So if they get everything good around him, I think it will go well. Right now, I don't think he can take the team completely on his shoulders."

Rex Ryan evidently feels the same way. He didn't say so, but that's probably one of the reasons why they scaled back the offense and relied on the running game Sunday against the Patriots. It was a way to take some pressure off Sanchez, who was coming off a four-turnover disaster against the Ravens.

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UPDATE: Sanchez, on his weekly spot later in the day on "The Michael Kay Show" had this to say in response to Parcells: "I totally respect his opinion a lot. He knows, as a quarterback, I'm prepared each week to master that game plan and handle everything the coaches are allowing me to do. I love our system, I love what (Brian Schottenheimer) is doing, we just need to convert a couple of third downs. I appreciate his insight. It does mean a lot."