Ryan discusses Belichick, Sandler

During the run-up to Sunday night's game, Rex Ryan sat down with NBC's Bob Costas. Here's an excerpt, courtesy of NBC Sports:

COSTAS: You’re in this movie with Adam Sandler. Not only are you in the movie, but you play a character, who is kind of a sleazy lawyer and a crazy Patriots fan with a Bill Belichick bobble head on his desk.

RYAN: That’s the facts. I tried like crazy, studied my lines like crazy, just so they’re not having to retake something just because of me.

COSTAS: How would you describe your acting?

RYAN: Not very good. I’m not Robert DeNiro, that’s for sure.

COSTAS: Do you think Belichick will like the scene?

RYAN: Oh yeah, no doubt. I think the funny thing about Belichick is, he’s a great guy and he’s funny. He’s somebody you’d like to drink a beer with and all that. He’s more normal outside of football than he is (inside it). His football persona is what it is and it should be. He’s looked at this way. But outside of the game, he’s just like you and I.

COSTAS on the Jets losing streak earlier this year: Do you ever look in the mirror and say, Rex, you screwed up?

RYAN: I do that anyway. I have a ton of confidence, there’s no question about it, but sure, I go back and, ‘Oh, God. I wish I had this play to do over. I shouldn’t have done this.’ But I’m growing as a head coach in this league. It’s only my third year and obviously I’ll be better next year than I am this year and I’ll be better five years from now. I’m trying to work on an extension (joking).

COSTAS: (laughing) You listening Mr. (Woody) Johnson?

COSTAS: So if somebody says to you, you’re going to have another five or six years as an NFL head coach, you’re going to win a couple of Super Bowls and then it’s going to end for whatever reason, or, you can have a 20-year run and the highest winning percentage in the game, constantly make the playoffs but never win a Super Bowl. Which of those two do you take?

RYAN: I’ll take number one. I want to win championships. One time I want to sit back and say, you know what, we were the very best. We’re world champions. If I win it this year and for whatever reason say you know what that’s it, I’ll be satisfied.