Woody: Sanchez has taken a step back

Let the bashing of Mark Sanchez continue.

Not that it isn’t warranted, of course.

In his weekly segment on ESPN New York 1050’s “The Michael Kay Show,” network NFL analyst Damien Woody said Friday the Jets quarterback has taken a step back in his development, and isn’t playing good football right now.

Woody did throw in a disclaimer: Sanchez isn’t the only to blame.

Still, he did throw his third pick-6 of the season in Thursday night’s 17-13 loss to the Broncos, and has now thrown three interceptions and been sacked eight times in his last two games.

More mind-boggling numbers from the one they call “Sanchise.”

(NFL rank in parenthesis)

• 57.1 completion percentage (28th)

• 10 interceptions (T-7th most)

• 25 sacks (T-3rd)

• 36.3 Total QBR (28th)

“I don’t think the coaching staff trusts him to take that next step as the quarterback in this offense,” Woody said. “I don’t understand it, because it’s his third season in the offense.”

Sanchez called his play Thursday night “embarrassing.” An honest assessment. Not that it could take away the fact that Sanchez kept his eyes on Plaxico Burress the entire time on his interception, which Andre Goodman took to the house 26 yards later for six.

“But you can’t put the blame on one person, this is a collective thing,” Woody said.

Woody spoke for a while about the inconsistency of the offensive line, which hasn’t exactly given Sanchez the best protection. Although, in their defense, the 25-year-old signal-caller hasn’t exactly gotten the ball out in 2-3 seconds on some of those sacks either.

“Those guys up front have to set the tone and get it going,” Woody said.

Woody did say quarterbacks should be judged on wins and losses, and Sanchez does own a 25-17 regular season record and 4-2 playoff mark. But in a “What have you done for me lately?” sports world, those stats don’t seem to matter much.

Now if you’re talking about Tim Tebow and winning on the other hand ...

Anyway, getting back on topic, Woody also criticized the defense, which played its heart out before allowing Tebow (4-1 as a starter, 35.1 Total QBR, 29th-NFL) to march down the field for a 95-yard drive in the final minutes.

“If you’re gonna be an elite defense, you can’t let an inept passer drive the ball down the field and beat you,” Woody said, adding that he would’ve dropped more defensive backs in coverage on the final drive, essentially forcing Tebow to beat the Jets with his arm rather than his legs.

On the Jets’ chances of making the playoffs right now, Woody said they’re “real bleak, real slim.”

He thinks they’re going to have to run the table and go 11-5 because 10-6 may not be good enough with all the AFC tiebreakers they’ve already lost (New England, Baltimore, Denver and Oakland).

Woody called the Jets an average team right now, and says they have to literally take it one practice, one meeting and one game at a time.

“You can’t even afford to look down the road at all,” he said.