Dixon's story on HBO

Marcus Dixon didn’t think he was going to watch the HBO Real Sports episode, and all the old footage from the days he was imprisoned for a statutory rape conviction that was later overturned.

“I don’t like it, I ain’t going to lie,” said the Jets DT. “Because it takes me back to memories that I really don’t like bring back. It opened up some old wounds but it had to be done and I felt like to was a great time to come out.”

For more on the details of the charged atmosphere surrounding his 10 year conviction and later vindication, read Rich Cimini’s story here. The conviction still follows him in some ways. A simple background check will pull it up and that’s enough to inconvenience him in little ways.

“Just simple stuff like trying to get an apartment, I get denied because it always pops up,” Dixon said. “That stuff’s frustrating but that’s just little things. Everything else is behind me I can sit there and be mad about it because if it does I’m going to miss out on my blessings ahead of me.”

Dixon said some Twitter followers said he was an “inspiration” and some of his teammates expressed their support at the facility this morning.

“It was an injustice and I’m here now,” Dixon said. “And it was 8 years and I’m playing football for the team that I love and living my dream.”