Pettine: Blame me for ill-fated blitz

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine took the heat for the play call that may have sunk the Jets' season -- the all-out pressure that ended with Tim Tebow scoring on a 20-yard run last Thursday in Denver.

"As far as the play call goes, that's on me," Pettine said Wednesday. "I'll shoulder that responsibility. To me, if I could take it back, I would, obviously, given the result. It's something that we had planned. We talked about it during the timeout, had been trying to hold it, and it obviously backfired."

Other notes from Pettine:

• He emphatically defended the recent play of S Eric Smith, saying: "Eric Smith is a warrior, and I would say if I was starting a football team, I would want him on my team every day of the week."

But Pettine also acknowledged that Smith, between defense and special teams, probably is being overworked. He said S Brodney Pool, back from a sprained knee, will spell Smith in certain packages this week.

• OLB Garrett McIntyre, who made his first career start, is now the starting OLB in the base defense -- whatever that's worth. That's Bryan Thomas' old spot. McIntyre won't play much this week against the Bills' spread offense because the Jets will be in nickel most of the game.

• On allowing the Broncos to march 95 yards for the game-winning TD: "That's on me as a play caller. That's on our guys to be able to rise up in those critical situations. Most defenses, you're going to have a drive like that in a game. It can't be the last one ... As bad as the circumstances were on Thursday night (a likely reference to the lack of offensive support), that was our game to win, defensively."