What's that buzzing?

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum knew that agreeing to be the subject of HBO’s Hard Knocks series would bring with it some distractions, but he must have been unprepared for the sight of a miniature helicopter buzzing over the endzone with a video camera as cargo.

He looked up and then caught the eye of HBO sports president Ross Greenburg.

“So this is no distractions?” Tannenbaum asked.

Jets players have had to duck to avoid the buzz of the camera crews in Cortland as HBO records 250 hours of footage to condense into the single hour that will air next Wednesday, Aug. 11.

Greenburg has been impressed by the footage coming out of Jets camp.

"We’ve never had this access ever, and we’ve been everywhere,” Greenburg said.

The network couldn’t ask for better drama. The Darrelle Revis holdout creates tension and, when resolved, will make for a satisfying story arc. The players have been easy to work with, even quarterback Mark Sanchez sat down for a 45-minute interview on Thursday. The show will follow rookie Kyle Wilson, LaDainian Tomlinson and Bart Scott, and will pull in other players depending on the situation. But it isn’t just the big names, the HBO team is even interviewing Jets staffers for material.

Last season HBO won two Emmy’s for coverage of the Cincinnati Bengals. Reporters on the scene there relay that shock of having the three-person camera crews buzz around does wear off.

The Hard Knocks camera was grounded this morning. Turns out the little guy isn’t built for rain, and the rain soaked some of his electronic components. HBO had replacement parts flown in (an a much larger flying contraption I assume) and it could be airborne as soon as this afternoon.