Morning practice report

It was the first official melee of Jets training camp. OL Rob Turner and LB Jamaal Westerman went at it in earnest, Kellen Clemens scrambled to the side, and Jason Taylor jokingly threw down Mark Sanchez and started wailing on him WWE style.

Coach Rex Ryan laughed about it and when asked what started it said, “Who cares?”

Pretty soon, Ryan said both instigators were smiling about it. Ryan commented that it looked like the players had the good sense to grab a guy with the other color jersey.

The weather turned in Cortland, becoming chilly and bright. The wind was really blowing across the field.

Sanchez went 5 for 11 this morning in the full 11 on 11 drills. His last pass was a beauty, about 40 yards in the air to Brad Smith on the right sideline, and he ran it about 10 yards in for the touchdown.

Laveranues Coles seemed to hurt his left leg and missed a series, but was soon back in the mix.

In Sanchez’ other big moment, he slipped on a scramble and fell down. When he got up, he bowed to both sidelines and basked in the applause. Just another day at training camp.