Rex wants 'green out' on Saturday

Looking for a "playoff atmosphere" Saturday against the Giants, Rex Ryan asked all fans to wear green to MetLife Stadium.

White towels that say 'Green It!' will be distributed to all fans at the game. In keeping with the color coordination, the Jets will wear their green jerseys.

Remember, this is a Jets' home game.

Ryan said he wanted to re-create the atmosphere of the 2009 regular-season finale, when the Jets routed the Bengals in a do-or-die game.

"I felt like, just feeling the presence of our fans, I never thought anybody could beat us that day," Ryan said.

The Jets and Giants are the co-owners of MetLife Stadium, but Ryan insisted, "This is our stadium."

Even though it's a Jets home game, some players expect to see almost a 50-50 split, assuming some Jets fans will sell their tickets.

"I personally look at it as sharing," LG Matt Slauson said. "It's really a bizarre set up, with both of us sharing the same stadium. I foresee it as a neutral-site type of deal."