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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Mangold discusses Tim-Lo, Olympics

By Rich Cimini

Jets center Nick Mangold received a "Get-out-of-camp-free" card from Rex Ryan -- and turned it down.

Mangold's younger sister, Holley, a member of the U.S. weightlifting team, will compete in the London Olympics. Unfortunately for Nick, her competition falls during the first week of training camp, July 28 to Aug. 3. Mangold said Ryan gave him permission to leave camp to watch his sister.

"God bless Rex because he did offer it to me, but I don’t think I can leave my guys in the middle of training camp," Mangold said Tuesday on the NFL Network. "But we’ll figure out a way to watch, and I’m real excited and real proud for her. Somehow, some way, I’ll watch it, but I don’t know if I can do the jump over the pond in the middle of training camp."

These days, Mangold has his thoughts on another Olympic-caliber athlete, U.S. hurdler Lolo Jones, who competed is the last Olympics and is hoping to qualify again. It was Mangold who last week chanted Lolo's name during a media period in the locker room, but his voice was drowned out by other teammates yelling Tebow's name -- good-natured razzing. Mangold said he'd like to see Tebow and Jones, both of whom are outspoken against pre-marital sex, become a couple.

"I was actually pushing for Tim and Lolo Jones to get united," he said. "My message kind of got lost in the ‘Tebow Time’ chanting."

Asked if he believes they will get "united," Mangold replied, "I don't know. This is now my new goal, this is how I’m going to spend my spring. Usually I try to do a little golfing, but that isn’t going so well. Now it’s matchmaking."