New York Jets: Dwight Lowery

Two-a-days, CBAs and summer vacation

July, 26, 2011

From Nick Mangold’s revelation that he was afraid he’d have to cancel a trip to wine country with his in-laws, to Dwight Lowery’s assertion that planning his wedding didn’t get in the way of following CBA negotiations like a hawk, there was a lot to discuss today in Florham Park.

Players discussed summer vacations, work uncertainty, and where the Jets stand to be when free agency is in full bloom.

“Whatever it takes,” said QB Mark Sanchez. “Mr. (Mike) Tannenbaum’s, Mr. (Woody) Johnson’s and Rex (Ryan’s), that’s like their third-down conversion. That’s them trying to throw a touchdown pass. That’s them getting a sack. What we do on the field, well, this is what they do in the offseason. So, I know they’ll position us, and acquire the best talent we possibly can, with the finances we have. But whatever it takes, whether it’s adjusting contracts, delaying payment, whatever we have to do, our team will do it. I know that. We’ll be unselfish with it. We’ll get it figured out.”

He followed that up by revealing that he’d already talked with his agent about reworking his contract this season. We have the full story here.

Sanchez talked about his regrets from last season, and Mangold added that it was very difficult to be aware of mistakes they made in the AFC championship lost and not be able to fix the problems in the spring. The Super Bowl is still the goal.

“We feel very strongly that we can do that and we feel the same way,” tight end Dustin Keller said. “As Rex said, we are going to win the Super Bowl and we have all the ability in the world to do it. It’s just a matter of getting over that hump, winning that game and hopefully winning a Super Bowl for the second time, but we definitely have the ability to do that.”

Mangold said he wasn’t tired of the Super Bowl talk at all. Said Mangold, "I'd be really disappointed if he came out here and said, 'We'd really like to get to .500.'"

Brandon Moore, the Jets player representative to the NFLPA, talked about the new settlement and what it means in terms of player safety. He said that Ryan has always been a player's coach in that regard.

“We took a stance that player health and safety was non-negotiable,” Moore said. “That was the stance we kind of took going into that. I think the new rules will help change the cultural makeup of football. You set the standard on that, with all of the medical research that’s out there, as far as the head trauma and the continuous hits to the heads, through the helmets and things like that.”

He also addressed the fact that Jets linebacker Bart Scott has been 0concerned about head trauma and will step away from some of the harder contact drills in practice.

“Nobody’s really technically gotten rid of two-a-days,” Moore said. “I think it’s getting cleaned up, and players’ health and safety is a big part of that. Now, Bart, I think he’s cleaned it up himself. That may have been taken a little out of context. But, in this system, here with Rex, we haven’t had a problem with that. Rex takes care of his guys. But there are a couple of systems out there that maybe weren’t coming up with the times, as far as taking care of the guys, and protecting them in the best way they could.

Sanchez felt that the new rules, as he understood them, struck the right balance.

“I’m still hearing a lot of it and still learning what we can and can’t do this week, what practice is going to be like, what we’re not allowed to do anymore at practice,” Sanchez said. “But I think overall, it hit a lot of the points that the players were concerned about.”

Although most of the players admitted there is something to be said for the bonding that comes from the isolation of training camp in Cortland, at least one Jet was more practical.

“There is not much to do in Cortland,” Lowery said, “as you guys know.”

McKnight could see time as 5th defensive back

November, 19, 2010
With a rash of injuries at the cornerback spot, Jets head coach Rex Ryan said Friday that rookie running back Joe McKnight could be the team’s fifth cornerback in Sunday’s game against Houston.

The Jets will be without defensive backs Marquice Cole (hamstring) and Dwight Lowery (concussion), leaving them with just four active defensive backs against the league’s No. 6 offense (yards per game.).

While Ryan would hope that McKnight wouldn’t have to play defense, as that would mean there were injuries, he’s not against to putting the rookie in the secondary.

“He’s been working that way,” Ryan said. “It probably won’t be very multiple with him out there in coverage, but we caught him a couple zone and I think we even taught him some man coverage. Hell be alright, he’s been out there.”

McKnight, drafted in the fourth round out of USC, has been practicing on both offense and defense during the course of the season. He said he had not heard anything about playing defense this week and is just waiting until he is told what his exact role will be for the game. He would’ve been active for the game even without the defensive injuries, as he plays special teams.

“I probably won’t be familiar with the coverages,” McKnight said, “but I’ll be comfortable with everything else like playing defense, man-to-man, I can do that.”

McKnight could also see some playing time potentially this weekend as a wide receiver or a running back. With Jerricho Cotchery to miss the game with a groin injury, McKnight could possibly slide into an offensive package, as he has been impressing Ryan recently with his play.

“I’m telling you guys, he’s getting ready to explode,” Ryan said. “He earned our non-trust, I guess you’d say it, but fumbling, but the way he’s practiced, he’s earned our trust back. I think it’s just a matter of time. Expect to see him out there because he’s been playing.

"Running back, receiver, corner. He's going to play some for us."

Official Injury Report

November, 19, 2010
Here's the Jets official injury report for Sunday's game vs. Houston.

WR Jerricho Cotchery (Groin)--Did not practice
DB Dwight Lowery (Concussion)--Did not practice
DB Marquice Cole (Hamstring)--Did not practice

LB David Harris (Calf)--Limited in practice (New addition)
WR Brad Smith (Back)--Limited in practice (New addition)
C Nick Mangold (shoulder)--Full practice
LB Josh Mauga (Hamstring)--Full practice
LB Calvin Pace (Foot)--Full practice
DB Darrell Revis (Hamstring)--Full practice
QB Mark Sanchez (Calf)--Full practice
OL Damien Woody (Ankle)--Full practice
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Mark Sanchez started with a hiccup, but settled down nicely. LaDainian Tomlinson provided a couple of moments that made you think there's still some life in those old legs. There were other positives for the New York Jets, but something was missing in Monday night's preseason opener.

That something is named Darrelle Revis, and the ripple effects of his holdout were apparent in the 31-16 loss to the New York Giants in the football grand opening at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  Full story from Rich Cimini »

Revis Island vs. Marshall

April, 15, 2010

When Brandon Marshall addressed the Miami media today, the wide receiver was asked about Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. The newest Dolphin played a little coy when he was asked about the Bermuda Triangle of the backfield where wides get stranded, a place called Revis Island.

"I’m not sure where that is,” Marshall said at his press conference. “Revis is a friend of mine. Where is Revis Island? Hopefully I visit there soon."

The Jets will now face Marshall and the Dolphins twice this season. Jets linebacker Bart Scott described the matchup between Revis and Marshall as Magic-Bird, seeing two great players in their prime and one that would interest NFL fans, not just those in the AFC East.

“I think you’re talking about arguably one of the best receivers against the best corner and a guy that had 10 picks the year before,” Scott said.

Revis was much more lowkey about the matchup. He also described Marshall as a friend, and texted the wide receiver on Wednesday to congratulate him on the contract.

“It’s good for them,” Revis said of getting Marshall. “They get a big time receiver and I get to go up against him twice.”

Last time Revis had a public war of words with a receiver, it was Chad OchoCinco. If Revis had held him to his promise, OchoCinco would be Chad Johnson again after Revis shut him down.

“Ya’ll know me, I love competition,” Revis said. “I compete that’s what I do.”

Clearly, Revis lets his play do the talking and last season that was loud enough. The Jets defensive backs as a unit seemed pleased to see the AFC East get another high caliber skill player.

Revis and Antonio Cromartie might have the high-profile assignments, but Eric Smith said that receivers like Marshall will change the way the backfield is set up.

“A guy like that they kind of command safety help,” Smith said. “You put a corner on them, a lot of times you put a safety over the top (to) give them some kind of help but that’s something we’ll have to see, how they’re using them as the season goes on.”

The moves throughout the AFC East will make the division a bigger draw. When the schedule is released next Tuesday at 7 p.m., it will be interesting to see how many matchups the NFL puts in prime spots. But certainly a division game could command a national audience given names like Marshall and Santonio Holmes.

“You see teams out there making moves and all going for one thing and that’s the Super Bowl,” Jets safety Brodney Pool said.

Mike Tannenbaum said you could never have too many corners, and said the Jets might even look or one in the NFL Draft starting next Thursday. He said Jets coach Rex Ryan demands it.

“That’s just who Rex (Ryan) is, he can not have enough corners, it’s crazy,” Tannenbaum said. “So yeah, we’re going to add more corners. And they’re all going to play.”

Those corners know what’s expected of them. Dwight Lowery was drafted two years ago and likes all the offseason moves, but knows whose responsibility it becomes when the clock starts.

“All this stuff is great for offseason headlines but ultimately it comes down to us as players,” Lowery said.