Michael Vick: 'True fans' will stick with Jets


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The Mets had their "True New Yorkers," and the "loyalty oath" letter.

The Jets have Michael Vick appealing to the "true fans."

"True fans will come out and support," Vick said Monday, when someone suggested MetLife Stadium could look like Heinz Field when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit Sunday.

True fans have probably noticed that the Jets are 1-8, with an eight-game losing streak that matches the worst single-season skid in team history. True fans haven't seen a winning season since 2010.

"It's probably not easy to be a Jets fan right now," Rex Ryan said Monday. "One thing they can count on is our guys are going to keep working. We'll find a way. I believe we will. I believe we'll find a way to gain their respect and appreciation."

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True fans are so tired of watching the Jets lose that some of them raised $10,000 for a billboard urging the team to fire general manager John Idzik.

Vick says they ought to be coming out to the stadium to cheer on their team. Ryan predicts the fans will still show out next Sunday.

"Pittsburgh probably travels as well as anybody in the league. As much as I'd like to not see any Steeler colors out there, there's going to be some," Ryan said. "I think our Jets fans will outnumber them. I'm pretty sure our fans will be out there in good numbers."

Yes, it did sound just a little bit like the tone-deaf Mets, who were on the way to their sixth straight losing season when they sent their infamous letter to "True New Yorkers" last April, asking them to sign a petition supporting the team.

Vick started his first game for the Jets on Sunday, and he actually wasn't that bad in a 24-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. His own assessment was that he should have been better, because the Jets were held to one touchdown and didn't do well in the red zone.

But Vick's assessment of the Jets was far rosier, despite the record.

"Winning is No. 1, the first priority," he said. "Regardless of where we're at, we've still got a winning attitude. That's what I respect about this organization, and my teammates.

"We still believe."

They haven't yet given Jets fans much reason to believe, and there's reason to think many of those fans will stay away from MetLife Stadium on Sunday. With the Steelers carrying a 6-3 record and on a three-game winning streak, it seems likely their loyal fans will find a way to turn the stadium black and gold.

"We understand," Vick said. "Who cares? We've still got to play as professionals. We've still got to show up. Hopefully the fans come out and support. If not, we understand, but when they do, it characterizes them as true fans. Are you a true fan if you're only going to be a part of it when things are going good?"

Things aren't going good with the Jets, that's for certain. But the "true fans" will stick with them.

Michael Vick says so.