New York Jets: Playing-time analysis

Playing-time analysis: WR

January, 10, 2013
This is our final playing-time breakdown for the season (based on a total of 1,076 offensive snaps):

Jeremy Kerley: 665 snaps/62 percent
Chaz Schilens: 504 snaps/47 percent
Stephen Hill: 414 snaps/38 percent
Clyde Gates: 210 snaps/20 percent
Santonio Holmes: 189 snaps/18 percent
Braylon Edwards: 143 snaps/13 percent
Jason Hill: 48 snaps/4 percent
Mardy Gilyard: 43 snaps/4 percent
Jordan White: 31 snaps/3 percent
Antonio Cromartie: 17 snaps/2 percent
Patrick Turner: 8 snaps/0.7 percent

Analysis: No position on the team endured more upheaval than wide receiver. The Jets lined up 11 different receivers, four of whom weren't in training camp with the team. ... Kerley, the smallest player of them all, turned out to be the Iron Man, playing in every game -- and he missed a chunk of the preseason because of a torn hamstring. Go figure. ... You know things are bad when Schilens, a marginal player, is on the field for nearly half the plays. ... Obviously, the Holmes injury threw everything out of whack, and there wasn't nearly enough depth to compensate. ... You could make the argument that a handful of these players won't be in the league next season. What more can you say?

Playing-time analysis: QB/RB

January, 9, 2013
To wrap up the season, we've been reviewing the snap counts for every unit. Here's a breakdown of quarterbacks and running backs (based on a total of 1,076, according to the official NFL stats):


Mark Sanchez: 940 snaps/87 percent
Greg McElroy: 90 snaps/8 percent
Tim Tebow: 73 snaps/7 percent

Analysis: You could've made a lot of money if you bet someone in August that McElroy would have more snaps than Tebow. That one stat pretty much summarizes the entire season at quarterback. ... Before the season, then-GM Mike Tannenbaum estimated Tebow would play anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the snaps. Tebow missed out on a lucrative playing-time incentive. Based on his rookie contract, he would've received a $5 million increase next season and a $6.25 million bump in 2014 if he played in at least 55 percent of the offensive plays. Oh, well.


Shonn Greene: 569 snaps/53 percent
Bilal Powell: 387 snaps/36 percent
Lex Hilliard: 271 snaps/25 percent
Joe McKnight: 58 snaps/5 percent
John Conner: 52 snaps/5 percent
Jonathan Grimes: 11 snaps/1 percent
Kahlil Bell: 3 plays/0.2 percent

Analysis: No major surprises here -- well, except maybe for McKnight's paltry role. Many people figured he'd be more of a factor. ... Powell probably would've stolen more of Greene's playing time if he had remained healthy. ... Oh, yes, remember the Terminator? That was Rex Ryan's draft pick in 2010, as he was fond of telling us during the "Hard Knocks" craze. Conner didn't work out too well and was waived. Ditto, Grimes and Bell.

Playing-time analysis: TE/OL

January, 7, 2013
Continuing our look back at the season, let's break down the snap counts for the Jets' offensive line and tight ends (based on a total of 1,076 offensive snaps):


Jeff Cumberland -- 594 snaps/55 percent

Dustin Keller -- 406 snaps/38 percent

Konrad Reuland -- 380 snaps/35 percent

Jason Smith (jumbo TE) -- 258 snaps/24 percent

Dedrick Epps -- 27 snaps/3 percent

Hayden Smith -- 16 snaps/1 percent

Analysis: This position was crushed by injuries, going back to the preseason. H-Back Josh Baker was a shoo-in to make the team, but he blew out his knee. Keller missed eight games and never found his stride, putting too much burden on Cumberland, who was in over his head at times ... Reuland became a jack-of-all-trades player, filling in at fullback and H-Back ... Kudos to Hayden Smith, who left his career as a professional rugby player and managed to sneak into a few games. Obviously, he was a beneficiary of the injuries ... After arriving with fanfare, mostly because he was swapped for Wayne Hunter, Jason Smith became a guy just passing through.


D'Brickashaw Ferguson -- 1,076 snaps/100 percent

Austin Howard -- 1,075 snaps/99.9 percent

Nick Mangold -- 1,068 snaps/99 percent

Brandon Moore -- 1,065 snaps/99 percent

Matt Slauson -- 822 snaps/76 percent

Vladimir Ducasse -- 272 snaps/25 percent

Analysis: The Jets were extraordinarily lucky, as none of their starting linemen missed a game. Ferguson deserves a gold star for durability, the only player on the team to play in every snap ... You can't help but be impressed with Howard, an unknown, bottom-of-the-roster player only one year ago. Is he the answer? Maybe, maybe not, but he developed a lot in one year ... I agree with offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo on one thing (and, no, it's treatment of the media): The left-guard platoon was for the birds. They should've stayed with Slauson the whole time.

Playing-time analysis: Defense

December, 31, 2012
A breakdown of the defensive snaps (based on a total of 58):


Muhammad Wilkerson -- 56 snaps/97 percent

Mike DeVito -- 27 snaps/47 percent

Kenrick Ellis -- 21 snaps/36 percent

Quinton Coples -- 20 snaps/34 percent

Sione Po'uha -- 17 snaps/29 percent

Damon Harrison -- 3 snaps/5 percent


David Harris -- 58 snaps/100 percent

Calvin Pace -- 57 snaps/97 percent

Garrett McIntyre -- 46 snaps/79 percent

Bart Scott -- 22 snaps/38 percent

Demario Davis -- 17 snaps/29 percent

Ricky Sapp -- 2 snaps/3 percent


Antonio Cromartie -- 58 snaps/100 percent

Kyle Wilson -- 52 snaps/90 percent

Darrin Walls -- 51 snaps/88 percent

Yeremiah Bell -- 50 snaps/86 percent

LaRon Landry -- 35 snaps/60 percent

Eric Smith -- 30 snaps/52 percent

Antonio Allen -- 15 snaps/26 percent

Josh Bush -- 2 snaps/3 percent

Analysis: The story here is Landry. This was by far his lowest percentage of the season. He didn't start the game, sitting the first two plays. Very curious ... Bell, who missed only one snap in the first 15 games, sat for a total of eight. The coaches threw some crumbs to the younger players, such as Bush, Allen, Ellis, Harrison and Sapp ... Because Ellis Lankster was inactive, they had to play Walls a season-high 50 snaps -- hardly an ideal situation.

Playing-time analysis: Offense

December, 31, 2012
A breakdown of the offensive snaps (based on a total of 75):


Mark Sanchez -- 74 snaps/99 percent

Tim Tebow -- 1 snap/1 percent


Bilal Powell -- 43 snaps/57 percent

Lex Hilliard -- 31 snaps/41 percent

Shonn Greene -- 29 snaps/39 percent

Joe McKnight -- 1 snap/1 percent


Jeff Cumberland -- 56 snaps/75 percent

Konrad Reuland -- 31 snaps/41 percent

Jason Smith (jumbo OT) -- 17 snaps/23 percent

Hayden Smith -- 3 snaps/4 percent


Jeremy Kerley -- 57 snaps/76 percent

Braylon Edwards -- 57 snaps/76 percent

Jordan White -- 27 snaps/36 percent

Clyde Gates -- 23 snaps/31 percent

Analysis: This amounted to one final insult for Tebow ... Three of the four wide receivers weren't even on the opening-day roster. That tells you something ... White, a rookie, played a career-high in snaps because Gates suffered a possible concussion ... Greene carried the ball on 19 of his 29 snaps. A bit predictable? ... Hard to figure why McKnight doesn't get more chances.

Playing-time analysis: Defense

December, 24, 2012
A breakdown of the defensive snaps (based on a total of 61):

Muhammad Wilkerson: 61 snaps/100 percent
Mike DeVito: 40 snaps/66 percent
Quinton Coples: 27 snaps/44 percent
Sione Po'uha: 19 snaps/31 percent
Kenrick Ellis: 16 snaps/26 percent

David Harris: 61 snaps/100 percent
Calvin Pace: 61 snaps/100 percent
Garrett McIntyre: 43 snaps/70 percent
Bart Scott: 40 snaps/66 percent
Bryan Thomas: 5 snaps/8 percent
Demario Davis: 2 snaps/3 percent

Antonio Cromartie: 61 snaps/100 percent
Yeremiah Bell: 61 snaps/100 percent
LaRon Landry: 61 snaps/100 percent
Kyle Wilson: 56 snaps/92 percent
Darrin Walls: 22 snaps/36 percent
Antonio Allen: 7 snaps/8 percent
Ellis Lankster: 1 snap/5 percent

Analysis: Wilkerson played every snap for the second straight game -- on a short week, no less. That's impressive stuff for a defensive lineman, especially at this stage of the season, when guys are beat up. ... Lankster (concussion) was replaced by Walls, who was a disaster -- two third-down penalties that sustained drives. ... Thomas, in what may have been his final home game as a Jet, didn't last long. He's still playing with a strained pectoral muscle.

Playing-time analysis: Offense

December, 24, 2012
A breakdown of Sunday's playing time (based on a total of 61 snaps):

Greg McElroy: 58 snaps/95 percent

Bilal Powell: 31 snaps/51 percent
Shonn Greene: 30 snaps/49 percent
Lex Hilliard: 17 snaps/28 percent
Joe McKnight: 1 snap/2 percent

Jeff Cumberland: 49 snaps/80 percent
Konrad Reuland: 21 snaps/34 percent
Jason Smith (jumbo TE): 12 snaps/20 percent
Hayden Smith: 3 snaps/5 percent

Jeremy Kerley: 50 snaps/82 percent
Braylon Edwards: 45 snaps/74 percent
Clyde Gates: 26 snaps/43 percent
Chaz Schilens: 20 snaps/33 percent
Jordan White: 3 snaps/5 percent

Analysis: What a motley cast of offensive characters. Consider: The players leading their respective positions began the season as backups -- in McElroy's case, third string. ... Press-box stats say McElroy was hit 16 times. That means he was hit by an opposing player once every 3.6 plays. ... Kerley ran four plays in the Wildcat, plus a play that was nullified by penalty. ... Greene also ran one play out of the Wildcat. ... Conspicuously missing, of course, is Tim Tebow, who spent the day modeling his uniform on the sideline.

Playing-time analysis: Defense

December, 18, 2012
A breakdown of the Jets' defensive snaps (based on a total of 59) from their loss to the Titans:

Muhammad Wilkerson: 59 snaps/100 percent
Mike DeVito: 40 snaps/68 percent
Quinton Coples: 22 snaps/37 percent
Sione Po'uha: 19 snaps/32 percent
Kenrick Ellis: 16 snaps/27 percent

David Harris: 59 snaps/100 percent
Calvin Pace: 59 snaps/100 percent
Bart Scott: 45 snaps/76 percent
Garrett McIntyre: 41 snaps/69 percent
Demario Davis: 8 snaps/14 percent

Yeremiah Bell: 59 snaps/100 percent
LaRon Landry: 59 snaps/100 percent
Antonio Cromartie: 59 snaps/100 percent
Kyle Wilson: 54 snaps/92 percent
Ellis Lankster: 25 snaps/42 percent
Eric Smith: 19 snaps/32 percent
Antonio Allen: 6 snaps/10 snaps

Analysis: Only 17 players saw action on defense, a relatively low number for the Jets. ... Wilkerson always leads the linemen playing time, but this was the first time he played every snap. ... McIntyre received a heavier-than-usual workload because of the injury to Bryan Thomas.

Playing-time analysis: Offense

December, 18, 2012
A breakdown of the Jets' offensive snaps (based on a total of 67) from their loss to the Titans:

Mark Sanchez: 61 snaps/91 percent
Tim Tebow: 6 snaps/9 percent

Shonn Greene: 31 snaps/46 percent
Bilal Powell: 28 snaps/42 percent
Lex Hilliard: 15 snaps/22 percent
Joe McKnight: 8 snaps/12 percent

Jeff Cumberland: 61 snaps/91 percent
Konrad Reuland: 35 snaps/52 percent
Jason Smith (jumbo TE): 13 snaps/19 percent

Jeremy Kerley: 54 snaps/81 percent
Braylon Edwards: 41 snaps/61 percent
Mardy Gilyard: 23 snaps/34 percent
Clyde Gates: 16 snaps/24 percent
Chaz Schilens: 10 snaps/15 percent

Analysis: Edwards arrived last Wednesday, practiced for the first time Thursday, started the game and played the second-highest among of snaps among the wide receivers. Yep, that about sums up the state of the receiving corps. ... Curiously, Schilens started and played his lowest snap total since Week 2. He didn't appear to be injured. ... After not playing in three games, Tebow played an entire series (five plays) for the first time this season. They picked a weird time for Tebow time. ... Backup LG Vladimir Ducasse received more time than he had been in recent weeks. He played 20 snaps (30 percent), compared to 47 snaps (70 percent) for starter Matt Slauson. ... WR Jordan White was active but didn't play. Rex Ryan opted to dress a sixth receiver instead of a third quarterback, Greg McElroy.

Playing-time analysis: Defense

December, 10, 2012
A breakdown of the defensive snaps from Sunday's 17-10 win, based on a total of 72:


Muhammad Wilkerson: 58 snaps/81 percent
Quinton Coples: 35 snaps/49 percent
Mike DeVito: 29 snaps/40 percent
Sione Po'uha: 20 snaps/28 percent
Kenrick Ellis: 14 snaps/19 percent


David Harris: 72 snaps/100 percent
Calvin Pace: 70 snaps/97 percent
Garrett McIntyre: 37 snaps/51 percent
Bart Scott: 36 snaps/50 percent
Bryan Thomas: 36 snaps/50 percent
Demario Davis: 5 snaps/7 percent


LaRon Landry: 72 snaps/100 percent
Yeremiah Bell: 72 snaps/100 percent
Kyle Wilson: 69 snaps/96 percent
Antonio Cromartie: 66 snaps/92 percent
Ellis Lankster: 40 snaps/56 percent
Eric Smith -- 33 snaps/46 percent
Antonio Allen: 20 snaps/28 percent
Darrin Walls: 8 snaps/11 percent

Analysis: Coples' playing time shot up after two down weeks. It was only the fifth time he logged more snaps than DeVito. ... It was Ellis' highest snap count since Week 5. ... It was McIntyre's highest snap count since Week 3. ... Cromartie missed six snaps after leaving with a head injury. He returned.

Playing-time analysis: Offense

December, 10, 2012
A breakdown of the offensive snaps from Sunday's game, based on a total of 64:


Mark Sanchez: 64 snaps/100 percent


Bilal Powell: 29 snaps/45 percent
Shonn Greene: 29 snaps/45 percent
Lex Hilliard: 17 snaps/27 percent
Kahlil Bell: 2 snaps/3 percent
Joe McKnight: 1 snap/2 percent


Jeff Cumberland: 47 snaps/73 percent
Konrad Reuland: 41 snaps/64 percent
Jason Smith (jumbo): 16 snaps/25 percent
Hayden Smith: 10 snaps/16 percent


Chaz Schilens: 47 snaps/73 percent
Jeremy Kerley: 46 snaps/72 percent
Mardy Gilyard: 20 snaps/31 percent
Stephen Hill: 12 snaps/19 percent
Antonio Cromartie: 3 snaps/5 percent

Analysis: Once again, Tim Tebow was a spectator. ... The running-back situation has evolved as an even split -- quite literally. It seems to suit Powell and Greene. ... Gilyard made his Jets debut on offense. ... Cromartie made his first career reception. ... With Dustin Keller out, Aussie Hayden Smith logged a career-high 10 snaps.

Playing-time analysis: Defense

December, 3, 2012
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- A breakdown of the Jets' defensive snaps from Sunday's 7-6 win over the Cardds (based on a total of 54):


Muhammad Wilkerson -- 47 snaps/87 percent

Mike DeVito -- 33 snaps/61 percent

Sione Po'uha -- 19 snaps/35 percent

Quinton Coples -- 19 snaps/35 percent

Kenrick Ellis -- 3 snaps/6 percent


David Harris -- 54 snaps/100 percent

Calvin Pace -- 54 snaps/100 percent

Bart Scott -- 40 snaps/74 percent

Bryan Thomas -- 34 snaps/63 percent

Garrett McIntyre -- 17 snaps/31 percent

Demario Davis -- 2 snaps/4 percent


LaRon Landry -- 54 snaps/100 percent

Antonio Cromartie -- 54 snaps/100 percent

Yeremiah Bell -- 54 snaps/100 percent

Kyle Wilson -- 52 snaps/96 percent

Ellis Lankster -- 32 snaps/59 percent

Eric Smith -- 21 snaps/39 percent

Donnie Fletcher -- 5 snaps/9 percent

Analysis: The playing-time breakdown tells us a lot about which players are trusted the most by Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine. This was a must-win game in which there was virtually no margin for error -- thanks to the awful offense -- and they decided to ride the old war horses. High draft picks such as Coples, Ellis and Davis played very little ... Bart (Dodgeball) Scott played nearly the entire game after playing only 11 snaps last week. Ryan said he wanted to get more playing time for Scott, and he did.

Playing-time analysis: Offense

December, 3, 2012
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- A breakdown of the Jets' offensive snaps in Sunday's 7-6 win over the Cards (based on a total of 77):


Mark Sanchez -- 44 snaps/57 percent

Greg McElroy -- 32 snaps/42 percent


Shonn Greene -- 37 snaps/48 percent

Bilal Powell -- 33 snaps/43 percent

Lex Hilliard -- 25 snaps/32 percent

Joe McKnight -- 4 snaps/5 percent

Kahlil Bell -- 3 snaps/4 percent


Jeff Cumberland -- 51 snaps/66 percent

Konrad Reuland -- 46 snaps/60 percent

Dustin Keller -- 27 snaps/35 percent

Jason Smith (jumbo TE) -- 22 snaps/29 percent


Jeremy Kerley -- 50 snaps/65 percent

Stephen Hill -- 49 snaps/64 percent

Chaz Schilens -- 39 snaps/51 percent

Analysis: Are McElroy's 32 snaps -- the first of his career -- good enough to unseat Sanchez? We'll find out ... The backfield has totally evolved into a RB-by-committee. Powell actually started the game and played the first two series ... Bell made his Jets debut on offense and promptly fumbled ... Keller's high-ankle sprain skewed the reps at tight end ... Only three wideouts saw action. That's something you don't see every day in the pass-happy NFL ... As for the ballyhooed left-guard platoon, Matt Slauson played 68 snaps, Vladimir Ducasse only nine. OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo is a happy man.

Playing-time analysis: Defense

November, 13, 2012
A breakdown of the defensive snaps from Sunday's game (based on a total of 72):

Muhammad Wilkerson: 59 snaps/82 percent
Mike DeVito: 55 snaps/76 percent
Sione Po'uha: 35 snaps/49 percent
Quinton Coples: 30 snaps/42 percent
Damon Harrison: 2 snaps/3 percent

David Harris: 72 snaps/100 percent
Calvin Pace: 65 snaps/90 percent
Bryan Thomas: 49 snaps/68 percent
Bart Scott: 36 snaps/50 percent
Demario Davis: 21 snaps/29 percent
Garrett McIntyre: 20 snaps/28 percent
Ricky Sapp: 13 snaps/18 percent

LaRon Landry: 72 snaps/100 percent
Yeremiah Bell: 72 snaps/100 percent
Antonio Cromartie: 71 snaps/99 percent
Kyle Wilson: 64 snaps/89 percent
Eric Smith: 31 snaps/43 percent
Ellis Lankster: 24 snaps/33 percent
Isaiah Trufant: 1 snap/1 percent

Analysis: Rex Ryan said last week that certain defensive players would have expanded role, and we saw that with Smith, McIntyre and Sapp, who was called up from the practice squad. They deployed Smith in a "Big Nickel" look, with three safeties. ... Lankster got more playing time, too, but that was because of an early knee injury to Trufant. ... Scott returned after a one-game toe injury and was involved in a time-share with Davis, who played mostly on passing downs.

Playing-time analysis: Offense

November, 13, 2012
A breakdown of the offensive snaps from Sunday's game (based on a total of 52):

Mark Sanchez: 45 snaps/87 percent
Tim Tebow: 8 snaps/15 percent

Shonn Greene: 36 snaps/69 percent
Lex Hilliard: 19 snaps/37 percent
Bilal Powell: 11 snaps/21 percent

Dustin Keller: 44 snaps/85 percent
Jeff Cumberland: 23 snaps/44 percent
Jason Smith (jumbo): 13 snaps/25 percent
Konrad Reuland: 7 snaps/13 percent

Stephen Hill: 33 snaps/63 percent
Jeremy Kerley: 28 snaps/54 percent
Clyde Gates: 26 snaps/50 percent
Chaz Schilens: 17 snaps/33 percent
Jason Hill: 2 snaps/4 percent

Analysis: This was Tebow's highest snap count since Week 3 against the Dolphins. ... The most interesting development was the reduction in playing time for Kerley. In the previous game, he played in 79 percent of the snaps -- a disappointing game in which he struggled against the Dolphins' corners. In this game, Kerley nearly fell behind Gates in the playing-time pecking order. One possible reason: The coaches were concerned about Kerley (5-foot-9) matching up against the Seahawks' big corners. That's why they got him the ball on bubble screens. ... The coaches should consider a reduction in time for Hill, who had no production (zero catches) in 33 snaps.