New York Jets: Playing-time breakdown

Final playing-time breakdown: DB

January, 5, 2014
Jan 5
Finishing up our analysis of 2013 playing time:

Total defensive snaps: 1,100


Dawan Landry -- 1,081 snaps/98 percent

Antonio Cromartie -- 1,064 snaps/97 percent

Dee Milliner -- 722 snaps/66 percent

Antonio Allen -- 534 snaps/49 percent

Kyle Wilson -- 465 snaps/42 percent

Ed Reed -- 368 snaps/33 percent

Darrin Walls -- 289 snaps/26 percent

Jaiquawn Jarrett -- 277 snaps/25 percent

Josh Bush -- 70 snaps/6 percent

Isaiah Trufant -- 68 snaps/6 percent

Ellis Lankster -- 29 snaps/3 percent

Analysis: A tremendous effort by Cromartie, who stayed on the field despite a hip injury that plagued him the entire season. He acknowledged he wasn't playing well, but he refused to shut it down and actually played better toward the end. ... The Jets mistakenly made Reed an every-down player as soon as he arrived, reducing Allen to an afterthought. After three ineffective games, they made Reed a situational player and his performance improved. Chalk it up to trial and error. ... Milliner missed three games due to injury and was benched in three others, but he still wound up with a healthy amount of P.T. That will prove invaluable for the future. ... It was an odd year for Walls, who was the Fireman. When Milliner was in the dog house, Walls started. When Milliner was playing, Walls was the forgotten man.

Final playing-time breakdown: DL/LB

January, 5, 2014
Jan 5
Continuing our analysis of 2013 playing time:

Defensive snaps: 1,100.

Defensive Line:

Muhammad Wilkerson -- 1.039 snaps/95 percent

Sheldon Richardson -- 880 snaps/80 percent

Damon Harrison -- 497 snaps/45 percent

Leger Douzable -- 236 snaps/21 percent

Kenrick Ellis -- 208 snaps/19 percent

Analysis: It never became a story during the season, but Wilkerson was overworked. He hardly came off the field, which probably explains why his production dipped over the final few games. Only three defensive linemen played more snaps than Wilkerson -- Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots and Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings. It's an issue the coaching staff should examine before next season. ... That they made it through the season with only five linemen is a rare accomplishment. No one missed a game. Tough group. ... The Jets were in nickel about 60 percent of the time, which explains the relatively low snap count for Harrison, who played in the base.


David Harris -- 1,098 snaps/99.8 percent

Demario Davis -- 1,046 snaps/95 percent

Calvin Pace -- 869 snaps/79 percent

Quinton Coples -- 817 snaps/74 percent

Garrett McIntyre -- 256 snaps/23 percent

Antwan Barnes -- 145 snaps/13 percent

Ricky Sapp -- 17 snaps/2 percent

Troy Davis -- 16 snaps/1.5 percent

Jermaine Cunningham -- 7 snaps/0.6 percent

Nick Bellore -- 2 snaps/0.2 percent

Scott Solomon -- 0 snaps

Analysis: Harris missed two snaps in Week 3 when he suffered a gash on his shin, and that was it. (It afforded Bellore his only playing time on defense.) Harris and Davis, a first-year starter, were every-down linebackers. The Jets were unusual in that they often kept four linebackers on the field in most sub packages, with Coples and Pace dropping into three-point stances. ... The coaching staff did a nice job of managing Pace's playing time, providing proper rest. It kept him fresh, contributing to his 10-sack season. ... Coples missed the first two games because of a broken ankle, but he quickly worked his way into an every-down role. ... Barnes would've finished with close to 500 snaps if he had remained healthy. They missed his edge-rushing ability. ... Sapp and Solomon are no longer on the team.

Final playing-time breakdown: WR

January, 3, 2014
Jan 3
Continuing our final analysis of 2013 playing time:

Offensive snaps: 1,051

Wide Receiver:

Stephen Hill -- 594 snaps/57 percent

David Nelson -- 568 snaps/54 percent

Jeremy Kerley -- 567 snaps/54 percent

Santonio Holmes -- 500 snaps/48 percent

Greg Salas -- 156 snaps/15 percent

Clyde Gates -- 133 snaps/13 percent

Ben Obomanu -- 41 snaps/4 percent

Josh Cribbs -- 30 snaps/3 percent

Ryan Spadola -- 27 snaps/3 percent

Michael Campbell -- 24 snaps/2 percent

Saalim Hakim -- 9 snaps/0.9 percent

Analysis: No position was affected more by injuries than wide receiver. Sanjay Lal's receiver room must have felt like a bus station, with near-constant coming and going. Eleven receivers played at least one snap. The top three wideouts -- Holmes, Hill and Kerley -- all missed time due to injuries. ... You knew this was going to be a tough year for Holmes, coming off a serious foot injury that hampered his ability to train in the offseason. That probably was the cause of his torn hamstring, which cost him five games. In case you're wondering, Holmes made $15,000 per snap, based on his $7.5 million salary. ... Hill finished the season on injured reserve for the second year in a row. ... Nelson, picked up off the street in Week 5, saved the unit from falling into total disarray. He led the group in playing time over the second half of the season.

Final playing-time breakdown: TE/OL

January, 3, 2014
Jan 3
With the 2013 season in the books, it's time for our annual playing-time analysis, covering 16 games:

Total offensive snaps: 1,051

Tight End:

Jeff Cumberland -- 675 snaps/64 percent

Kellen Winslow -- 334 snaps/32 percent

Zach Sudfeld -- 144 snaps/14 percent

Konrad Reuland -- 34 snaps/6 percent

Analysis: This position could have an entirely different look in 2014, as Cumberland and Winslow are unrestricted free agents. ... Winslow played half as much as Cumberland, yet he finished with five more receptions, 31 to 26. A lot of that is due to the fact that Winslow played almost exclusively in passing situations. ... Reuland suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 11. ... Sudfeld was a decent early-season pick-up on waivers. He has some upside because of his receiving skills, but he doesn't project as a No. 1 tight end.

Offensive Line:

D'Brickashaw Ferguson -- 1,051 snaps/100 percent

Nick Mangold -- 1,049 snaps/99.8 percent

Austin Howard -- 1,049 snaps/99.8 percent

Willie Colon -- 1,038 snaps/99 percent

Brian Winters -- 763 snaps/73 percent

Vladimir Ducasse -- 318 snaps/30 percent

Caleb Schlauderaff -- 2 snaps/0.2 percent

Oday Aboushi, Will Campbell, Ben Ijalana -- 0 snaps

Analysis: First of all, kudos to Ferguson, the only player on offense or defense to play every single snap. In fact, he has missed only one snap in eight seasons. ... The Jets were remarkably healthy on the line, with no starts missed due to injury. The only significant injury occurred in the final game, a biceps tear for Colon. ... The only lineup change was Winters replacing Ducasse at left guard in Week 5. ... Basically, the Jets played the entire season with a 50-man roster, as Aboushi, Campbell and Ijalana were inactive for every game. That's poor roster managament, but GM John Idzik felt it was worthwhile to carry them because of their perceived upside.

Final playing-time breakdown: QB/RB

January, 3, 2014
Jan 3
With the 2013 season in the books, we'll start our annual playing-time analysis, covering 16 games:

Total offensive snaps: 1,051.


Geno Smith -- 985 snaps/94 percent

Matt Simms -- 66 snaps/6 percent

David Garrard, Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez -- 0 snaps

Analysis: Say this for Smith: He's a tough cookie, physically and mentally. He endured 43 sacks and the worst slump you'll ever see in the NFL, but he started every game -- quite an accomplishment. He was pulled in three games, most notably his halftime benching in Week 13. ... Simms got a little taste of the NFL after starting camp as the No. 4 quarterback. ... Financial stat of the year: Sanchez, Garrard and Quinn made a combined $9.8 million -- and didn't take a single snap.

Running back:

Bilal Powell -- 618 snaps/59 percent

Tommy Bohanon -- 371 snaps/35 percent

Chris Ivory -- 331 snaps/31 percent

Alex Green -- 42 snaps/4 percent

Mike Goodson -- 30 snaps/3 percent

Sheldon Richardson -- 6 snaps/0.6 percent

Kenrick Ellis -- 1 snap/0.09 percent

Damon Harrison -- 1 snap/0.09 percent

Analysis: The number that jumps out is Ivory's playing-time percentage. He was arguably the offensive MVP, yet he was limited because of a hamstring injury coming out of the preseason. As a result, Powell was overworked early in the year and faded around midseason, perking up again late in the year. He also was nagged by a hamstring injury. ... Goodson was suspended the first four games, flashed some potential and blew out his knee. Talk about a rough year. ... Bohanon, a seventh-round pick, didn't do anything memorable, but he was on the field a lot, as OC Marty Mornhinweg used two-back sets about one-third of the time. ... Richardson -- the new Fridge -- scored twice in six plays, not a bad ratio.

Playing-time breakdown: Week 17

January, 1, 2014
Jan 1
An analysis of the snap counts from the New York Jets' season-ending win over the Miami Dolphins:

OFFENSE (Based on 72 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 72.

Running back -- Bilal Powell 53, Tommy Bohanon 16, Chris Ivory 8, Alex Green 3, Sheldon Richardson 2, Damon Harrison 1, Kenrick Ellis 1.

Wide receiver -- David Nelson 60, Santonio Holmes 57, Jeremy Kerley 54, Greg Salas 8, Saalim Hakim 1.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 60, Kellen Winslow 22, Zach Sudfeld 13.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 72, Brian Winters 72, Nick Mangold 72, Willie Colon 61, Austin Howard 72, Vladimir Ducasse 12.

Offensive analysis: You have to feel for Colon. He came to the Jets last March with durability questions, having suffered major injuries in recent years. Before Sunday, he had missed only two snaps this season. He made it through most of the finale, then suffered a biceps tear that will require surgery. He came within 11 plays of making it through an entire season. A tough, tough break. He was replaced by Ducasse, who played perhaps his final game as a Jet. He's a free agent. ... Ivory fractured a rib and suffered a hip pointer early in the game, resulting in an early exit. The Jets never announced the injury during the game; teams are required to do so. ... Richardson scored in a goal-line situation, and later lined up for one play with Harrison and Ellis in the same backfield -- 990 pounds of defensive linemen. They call it the "Destroyer" package. It was an in-your-face messsage from Rex Ryan to the Dolphins.

DEFENSE (Based on 64 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 61, Richardson 42, Leger Douzable 26, Harrison 16, Ellis 13.

Linebacker -- David Harris 64, Calvin Pace 54, Demario Davis 53, Quinton Coples 45, Garrett McIntyre 12.

Secondary -- Dawan Landry 64, Antonio Cromartie 64, Dee Milliner 63, Ed Reed 46, Isaiah Trufant 37, Antonio Allen 33, Kyle Wilson 8, Jaiquawn Jarrett 1.

Defensive analysis: Wilson went down early with a knee injury, resulting in a season-high snap count for Trufant, who replaced him in the nickel. Prior to Sunday, Trufant had played only 31 snaps. ... Richardson was hampered by a hip injury throughout the game, which meant an increased role for Douzable. ... The Jets were in nickel for about two-thirds of the game, which explains Harrison's low snap count and Reed's high count.

Playing-time breakdown: Week 16

December, 23, 2013
An analysis of the snap counts from the New York Jets' 24-13 win against the Cleveland Browns:

OFFENSE (Based on 77 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 77.

Running back -- Chris Ivory 40, Bilal Powell 35, Tommy Bohanon 17, Alex Green 2.

Wide receiver -- David Nelson 62, Jeremy Kerley 59, Santonio Holmes 53, Greg Salas 10, Saalim Hakim 3.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 61, Kellen Winslow 28, Zach Sudfeld 14.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 77, Brian Winters 77, Nick Mangold 77, Willie Colon 75, Austin Howard 77, Vladimir Ducasse 3.

Offensive analysis: Holmes, who offered to take a pay cut for next season, ended up with a cut in playing time. He played only 69 percent of the snaps, third-most among the wideouts. Maybe that explains why he was so curt with reporters after the game. ... Ivory played his second-highest snap total of the season. ... The Jets didn't use a lot of two-back sets, resulting in the relatively low total for Bohanon. ... Colon was hurt for two plays and replaced by Ducasse, who also lined up once as an extra blocker. ... It was Winslow's highest snap count since Week 4, before his suspension.

DEFENSE (Based on 65 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 63, Sheldon Richardson 51, Damon Harrison 25, Leger Douzable 18, Kenrick Ellis 12.

Linebacker -- David Harris 65, DeMario Davis 59, Quinton Coples 56, Calvin Pace 52, Garrett McIntyre 14.

Secondary -- Antonio Cromartie 63, Dee Milliner 63, Dawan Landry 59, Antonio Allen 45, Kyle Wilson 30, Ed Reed 30, Josh Bush 8, Jaiquawn Jarrett 2.

Defensive analysis: It's not often a future Hall of Famer gets benched, but that's essentially what happened to Reed, who was replaced in the base defense by Allen. Reed played on passing downs -- and there was a lot of passing, as Browns QB Jason Campbell had 45 dropbacks. How did Reed feel about his reduced role? Hard to say. He bolted the locker room without talking to reporters. ... Landry sat for a few plays, which is rare. He missed only 13 snaps in the first 14 games. The coaches wanted to take a look at Bush and Jarrett.

Playing-time breakdown: Jets Week 14

December, 9, 2013
An analysis of the New York Jets' snap counts from their 37-27 win against the Oakland Raiders:

OFFENSE (Based on 58 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 58.

Running back -- Chris Ivory 29, Bilal Powell 28, Tommy Bohanon 23, Alex Green 2.

Wide receiver -- David Nelson 54, Santonio Holmes 42, Jeremy Kerley 27, Greg Salas 11.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 46, Kellen Winslow 19, Zach Sudfeld 6, Vladimir Ducasse 3.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 58, Brian Winters 58, Nick Mangold 58, Willie Colon 58, Austin Howard 58.

Offensive analysis: Winslow, who openly wondered about his playing time after last week's loss, didn't see a significant spike. He played in 33 percent of the snaps, up only three percentage points. ... Holmes, healthy, played in 72 percent of the snaps. Kerley returned to the lineup in a situational role. It was easy to divide the reps because Stephen Hill was inactive. It might get tricky when Hill returns. ... This was the first time since Week 7 that Ivory played more than Powell.

DEFENSE (Based on 69 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 67, Sheldon Richardson 56, Damon Harrison 34, Leger Douzable 18, Kenrick Ellis 14.

Linebacker -- David Harris 69, Quinton Coples 63, DeMario Davis 62, Calvin Pace 53, Garrett McIntyre 18.

Secondary -- Dawan Landry 69, Antonio Cromartie 66, Dee Milliner 65, Ed Reed 46, Kyle Wilson 25, Antonio Allen 25, Jaiquawn Jarrett 7, Josh Bush 3.

Defensive analysis: The news here is that Reed played a season-low 67 percent of the snaps. He averaged 92 percent in his first three games. Rex Ryan defended Reed's performance last week, yet still cut his playing time. It's not hard to read into that. The beneficiary was Allen, who played more snaps than he did in the previous three games combined. ... Cromartie played nearly the entire game despite a head injury, the team announced afterward. ... McIntyre returned after missing three games with a knee injury.

Playing-time breakdown: Jets Week 13

December, 2, 2013
An analysis of the snap counts from Sunday's 23-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins:

OFFENSE (Based on 55 snaps)

Quarterback -- Matt Simms 37, Geno Smith 18.

Running back -- Bilal Powell 31, Chris Ivory 24, Tommy Bohanon 14.

Wide receiver -- Stephen Hill 51, David Nelson 50, Greg Salas 30, Santonio Holmes 2, Josh Cribbs 1.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 48, Kellen Winslow 17, Zach Sudfeld 7.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 55, Brian Winters 55, Nick Mangold 55, Willie Colon 55, Austin Howard 55.

Offensive analysis: The mystery here is Holmes, who was cleared to played despite a nagging hamstring injury. He played two snaps early in the game and was done. Afterward, he indicated he was on a pitch count. That could be the shortest starting appearance in history. ... Winslow seemed perplexed by his lack of playing time (31 percent). In fact, he ended up playing almost the same as last week (33 percent). His frustration apparently has been building for weeks. ... Obviously, it was a season-high snap count for Simms, who played only 29 in his first two mop-up outings. ... With Holmes down, Hill became an every-down player -- again.

DEFENSE (Based on 81 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 76, Sheldon Richardson 73, Damon Harrison 42, Leger Douzable 19, Kenrick Ellis 12.

Linebacker -- David Harris 81, DeMario Davis 77, Calvin Pace 73, Quinton Coples 71, Jermaine Cunningham 6.

Secondary -- Antonio Cromartie 77, Dawan Landry 74, Ed Reed 73, Dee Milliner 61, Kyle Wilson 32, Ellis Lankster 15, Antonio Allen 9, Jaiquawn Jarrett 8, Josh Bush 8, Darrin Walls 3.

Defensive analysis: Milliner was benched again, the third time he didn't finish a game. At first, Walls got the call, but he was replaced by Lankster, who played a season-high 15 snaps. You know things are bad when he's at cornerback; he played only 14 snaps in the first 11 games. ... It was a gutty, if not effective performance by Cromartie, who played nearly the entire game with an injured hip. ... Cunningham was involved in a sub-defense package. ... Rex Ryan emptied the bench late in the game, resulting in lower-than-usual snap counts for several starters.

Playing-time breakdown: Jets Week 12

November, 25, 2013
An analysis of the snap counts from Sunday's 19-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens:

OFFENSE (Based on 57 snaps)

Quarterback: Geno Smith 57.

Running back: Bilal Powell 42, Tommy Bohanon 17, Chris Ivory 12.

Wide receiver: Santonio Holmes 43, David Nelson 40, Greg Salas 39, Stephen Hill 26, Josh Cribbs 9.

Tight end: Jeff Cumberland 34, Kellen Winslow 19, Zach Sudfeld 4.

Offensive line: D'Brickashaw Ferguson 57, Brian Winters 57, Nick Mangold 57, Willie Colon 57, Austin Howard 57.

Offensive analysis: The coaches sent mixed messages on the plans for Hill. In the end, his playing time was significantly reduced even though he started the game, technically. He played only 46 percent of the snaps (fourth among the wide receivers) after averaging 77 percent in the first 10 games. Most of his snaps went to Salas, who played a season-high 68 percent. ... Ivory said he sprained an ankle on his first carry, which took a chunk out of his usual playing time. Powell ended up playing 74 percent, his highest ratio since Week 5. ... The coaches said Winslow's playing time would increase, and it did. He went from 19 percent to 33 percent.

DEFENSE (Based on 64 snaps)

Line: Muhammad Wilkerson 61, Sheldon Richardson 51, Damon Harrison 30, Leger Douzable 18, Kenrick Ellis 15.

Linebacker: David Harris 64, DeMario Davis 61, Quinton Coples 60, Calvin Pace 52, Jermaine Cunningham 1.

Secondary: Dawan Landry 64, Dee Milliner 63, Ed Reed 62, Antonio Cromartie 50, Kyle Wilson 22, Darrin Walls 13, Antonio Allen 12, Jaiquawn Jarrett 5.

Defensive analysis: In his second game as a Jet, Reed played a higher percentage (97) than his first game (88). Allen, the man he replaced, managed to get on the field for 19 percent of the snaps, heck of a lot more than last week (four percent). ... Cromartie re-injured his hip and was limited to a season-low 78 percent. As a result, Walls got back into the mix after spending two games in the witness-protection program. ... Cunningham made his Jets debut, but they played virtually the entire game with only four linebackers -- unusual.

Playing-time breakdown: Jets Week 11

November, 18, 2013
An analysis of the New York Jets' snap counts from Sunday against the Buffalo Bills:

OFFENSE (Based on 58 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 45, Matt Simms 13.

Running back -- Bilal Powell 31, Chris Ivory 25, Tommy Bohanon 16.

Wide receiver -- Stephen Hill 51, David Nelson 48, Santonio Holmes 31, Greg Salas 21, Josh Cribbs 4.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 47, Kellen Winslow 11, Zach Sudfeld 3, Sheldon Richardson 1, Vladimir Ducasse 1.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 58, Brian Winters 58, Nick Mangold 58, Willie Colon 58, Austin Howard 58.

Offensive analysis: This marked the second straight loss that Smith finished the game on the bench. For his sake, that's a trend that needs to stop. ... Holmes, returning from a five-game hamstring injury, was eased back with a 53-percent play time. ... Winslow, who was upset with his playing time before his four-game suspension, can't be happy that he played only 19 percent of the snaps. ... Richardson made his second appearance as an extra blocker in a goal-line situation.

DEFENSE (Based on 67 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 64, Richardson 58, Damon Harrison 43, Kenrick Ellis 19, Leger Douzable 12.

Linebacker -- DeMario Davis 67, David Harris 67, Quinton Coples 67, Calvin Pace 57, Troy Davis 9.

Secondary -- Dawan Landry 67, Antonio Cromartie 67, Dee Milliner 61, Ed Reed 59, Kyle Wilson 9, Jaiquawn Jarrett 8, Antonio Allen 3.

Defensive analysis: The news here is that Reed, despite only two practices, started and played 88 percent of the snaps. He replaced Allen, who was limited to a season-low in snaps. The coaches can talk all day about Allen's promise, but actions speak louder than words. They made him an afterthought. It wasn't a season-low for Jarrett, but it was well below his average. ... The Jets, once known for using their entire bench, played most of the game with 13 players in the primary rotation. They didn't play much nickel, which accounts for the low snap count for Wilson. ... Because of the injury to Garrett McIntyre, Coples and Pace had a bigger workload than usual.

Playing-time breakdown: Jets Week 9

November, 4, 2013
An examination of the snap counts from Sunday's 26-20 win over the New Orleans Saints:

OFFENSE (Based on 61 snaps):

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 61.

Running back -- Bilal Powell 33, Chris Ivory 29, Tommy Bohanon 27.

Wide receiver -- David Nelson 53, Stephen Hill 52, Greg Salas 28, Jeremy Kerley 13, Josh Cribbs 9.

Tight end -- Zach Sudfeld 49, Konrad Reuland 10, Vladimir Ducasse 2.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 61, Brian Winters 61, Nick Mangold 61, Willie Colon 61, Austin Howard 61.

Offensive analysis: Because of injuries, they had to do some serious juggling at wide receiver and tight end. Salas, in his Jets debut, played 46 percent of the snaps because of the second-quarter elbow injury to Kerley. That also resulted in more playing time for Nelson, who logged a season-high 87 percent. ... It's interesting that the coaches preferred Sudfeld over Reuland in a run-heavy game plan. Sudfeld isn't much of a blocker. What does that say about Reuland? ... Hill played 85 percent and was targeted only once -- no catches.

DEFENSE (Based on 74 snaps):

Defensive line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 68, Sheldon Richardson 65, Damon Harrison 26, Leger Douzable 15, Kenrick Ellis 14.

Linebacker -- Demario Davis 74, David Harris 74, Quinton Coples 71, Calvin Pace 51, Ricky Sapp 9, Troy Davis 6, Garrett McIntyre 2.

Secondary -- Antonio Cromartie 74, Dawan Landry 74, Dee Milliner 73, Jaiquawn Jarrett 43, Antonio Allen 37, Kyle Wilson 20, Josh Bush 4.

Defensive analysis: Because of injuries to McIntyre (knee) and Allen (head), the depth was tested at outside linebacker and safety. Sapp and Davis saw rare action. Jarrett had a bigger role than usual, and Bush played on defense for only the fifth time. ... One week after getting benched in the second quarter, Milliner came back with his first (almost) complete game since Week 1. Baby steps.

Playing-time breakdown: Jets Week 8

October, 28, 2013
An analysis on the snap counts from Sunday's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals:

OFFENSE (Based on 67 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 51, Matt Simms 16.

Running back -- Bilal Powell 44, Tommy Bohanon 13, Chris Ivory 12, Alex Green 10.

Wide receiver -- Jeremy Kerley 65, David Nelson 52, Stephen Hill 45, Michael Campbell 22, Josh Cribbs 3.

Tight end -- Zach Sudfeld 38, Jeff Cumberland 30, Konrad Reuland 1.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 67, Brian Winters 67, Nick Mangold 67, Willie Colon 67, Austin Howard 67.

Offensive analysis: Because it was a blowout, some of the numbers are skewed. Simms made his NFL debut in garbage time, with Green and Campbell seeing expanded roles. ... Sudfeld, who played only two snaps in the previous two games, saw extensive time because Cumberland went out with a head injury. ... The most newsworthy development is that Nelson received more playing time than Hill. A week ago, Hill played 88 percent of the snaps. This week, he dropped to 67 percent.

DEFENSE (Based on 57 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 49, Sheldon Richardson 47, Damon Harrison 31, Kenrick Ellis 19, Leger Douzable 13.

Linebacker -- DeMario Davis 57, David Harris 57, Quinton Coples 43, Calvin Pace 41, Garrett McIntyre 27, Troy Davis 1.

Secondary -- Dawan Landry 51, Antonio Cromartie 51, Antonio Allen 38, Dee Milliner 28, Darrin Walls 26, Jaiquawn Jarrett 21, Kyle Wilson 13, Ellis Lankster 6, Josh Bush 6.

Defensive analysis: Milliner was benched in the second quarter, which explains his low number. He was replaced by Walls in the base defense. ... This was an unusually low number for Wilson, but the Jets didn't play a lot of traditional nickel. There were times when they used three safeties to combat the Bengals two-tight end formations. ... DeMario Davis and Harris played every snap. I don't know whether to praise them or scold them. ... Landry and Cromartie usually never come off the field, but they were pulled in garbage time.

Playing-time breakdown: New York Jets

October, 21, 2013
A breakdown of the snaps from the New York Jets' win over the New England Patriots:

OFFENSE (Based on 91 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 91.

Running back -- Tommy Bohanon 54, Chris Ivory 52, Bilal Powell 22, Alex Green 7.

Wide receiver -- Jeremy Kerley 85, Stephen Hill 80, David Nelson 65, Michael Campbell 8, Josh Cribbs 4.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 75, Konrad Reuland 2, Zach Sudfeld 1.

Line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 91, Brian Winters 91, Nick Mangold 91, Willie Colon 91, Austin Howard 91.

Offensive analysis: The big story was Ivory. In the first six games, he played a combined total of 69 snaps. Rex Ryan said Ivory was the "hot hand," so they wanted to ride him over Powell, whose playing time was curiously low. ... Without Kellen Winslow (four-game suspension), Marty Mornhinweg has been operating a one-tight end offense. Backups Reuland and Sudfeld combined for only three snaps. ... Because of injuries at receiver, Kerley, Hill and Nelson put in a full day's work. This was by far Nelson's most active game since signing three weeks ago.

DEFENSE (Based on 76 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 75, Sheldon Richardson 72, Damon Harrison 15, Leger Douzable 5, Kenrick Ellis 1.

Linebacker -- David Harris 76, Quinton Coples 75, DeMario Davis 71, Calvin Pace 49, Garrett McIntyre 5, Ricky Sapp 2.

Secondary -- Dawan Landry 76, Antonio Cromartie 76, Antonio Allen 71, Dee Milliner 67, Kyle Wilson 60, Jaiquawn Jarrett 31, Darrin Walls 9.

Defensive analysis: Ryan wasn't kidding last week when he told his players to stay off their feet and skip household chores. Basically, he stuck with 12 defensive players throughout the game, resulting in a lot of high snap counts. ... Harrison, Ellis and McIntyre had unusually low numbers because the defense spent a good chunk of the game in nickel. They're generally base players. ... This was Pace's lowest percentage of the season (64). His playing time has gradually decreased in recent weeks. That's interesting because, a year ago, he was an every-down player. ... This was Allen's highest mark (93 percent), and he had to deal with TE Rob Gronkowski for most of the day.

Playing-time breakdown: New York Jets

October, 14, 2013
An examination of the snap counts from Sunday's 19-6 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers:

OFFENSE (Based on 58 snaps)

Quarterback -- Geno Smith 58.

Running back -- Bilal Powell 33, Tommy Bohanon 27, Mike Goodson 19, Chris Ivory 9.

Wide receiver -- Jeremy Kerley 49, Stephen Hill 47, David Nelson 23, Clyde Gates 20, Michael Campbell 2.

Tight end -- Jeff Cumberland 49, Konrad Reuland 9, Zach Sudfeld 1, Vladimir Ducasse 2.

Offensive line -- D'Brickashaw Ferguson 58, Brian Winters 58, Nick Mangold 58, Willie Colon 58, Austin Howard 58.

Offensive analysis -- Without Kellen Winslow (suspended), Marty Mornhinweg all but abandoned his two-tight end packages, as Reuland and Sudfeld combined for only 10 snaps. ... Ivory's lack of playing time is intriguing. Remember back in training camp, when he was projected as the No. 1 back? Granted, no one figured Powell to emerge the way he has, but Ivory -- now healthy -- has played only 17 snaps over the past two games. That number figures to increase now that Goodson is staring at a potentially long-term knee injury. ... There's a numbers problem at receiver. With Gates now nursing a shoulder injury, and with Santonio Holmes (hamstring) likely to miss at least another game, the Jets are hurting.

DEFENSE (Based on 65 snaps)

Line -- Muhammad Wilkerson 59, Sheldon Richardson 52, Damon Harrison 32, Kenrick Ellis 19, Leger Douzable 9.

Linebacker --DeMario Davis 65, David Harris 65, Calvin Pace 55, Quinton Coples 38, Garrett McIntyre 34.

Secondary -- Antonio Cromartie 65, Darrin Walls 65, Dawan Landry 65, Antonio Allen 63, Isaiah Trufant 18, Kyle Wilson 8, Jaiquawn Jarrett 3.

Defensive analysis: In the wake of Antwan Barnes' season-ending knee injury, it was speculated that Coples would see more playing time than usual. It turned out to be the opposite, as he played only 58 percent of the snaps, down from 77 percent the previous week. Clearly, the beneficiary was McIntyre, who went from 21 percent to 52 percent. In fact, McIntyre started this week. Evidently, Coples' productivity is an issue. ... Wilson went out early with a head injury, forcing Trufant into playing time. He eclipsed his snap total from the first five games (13). ... Jarrett, who started last week and played 63 percent of the snaps, got only the field for only three plays. Allen returned to his starting role, as Rex Ryan had indicated. Obviously, they're splitting the playing time based on opponent and situations.