Stoudemire is lighter, but 'still strong'

DALLAS -- If Amare Stoudemire look a little lighter, it's because he is.

The Knicks' power forward came into the season at 260 pounds, but over the course of the season, he's lost weight. Stoudemire said Tuesday he's now 246 pounds.

"Still strong," he said before shootaround in anticipation of Tuesday night's game against Dallas.

Stoudemire has endured back issues in the past and the tight schedule, because of the NBA lockout, could put a strain on a player's body.

"A lot of condensed games, but I feel great," he said. "Just getting a lot of rest, doing a lot of swimming, a lot of icing. Just taking care of my body, stay in the weight room, that's about it."

Stoudemire said he normally loses weight in the second half of the season, so to him it's not a big deal as long as he's still strong.

"My body fat reduces as the season goes along," said Stoudemire, who said it's about five to six percent.