Halftime: Mavs 50, Knicks 44

DALLAS -- At the break in the American Airlines Center and the Mavericks lead the Knicks, 50-44.

Some thoughts:

Offensive struggles: The Knicks offense was haggard at times in the first half. Dallas led 17-4 to start the game and pushed it to 33-17 early in the second quarter on a jumper by Rodrigue Beaubois. At one point, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire were a combined 2-9 from the field.

But when the half ended, Anthony scored on a layup with 1.3 seconds left to make this a game. Stoudemire led the Knicks with 12 points and five rebounds. Anthony finished with six points. Jeremy Lin had nine, but missed five of seven shots.

The Mavericks sent a double-team at Lin forcing him to get rid of the ball faster than he would like to. Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion and Beaubois took turns guarding Lin.

When the half ended, the Knicks shot 41 percent from the floor and were taking charge of the boards outrebounding the Mavs, 25-22.

In their halfcourt set, the Knicks looked terrible. Lots of ball movement for the exception of one player, Anthony, who stands around waiting. He does move to the pain area and tries to post up Dirk Nowitzki, but if he doesn't get it he moves away. There were several possessions where Lin dribbled to one side of the court and Anthony and Stoudemire just stood watching.

Beaubis led the Mavs with 12 points off the bench and Nowitzki added four points and went 1-8 from the floor in 15 minutes.

Stat you should care about: Fouls. Baron Davis has three and it could increase the minutes for Lin. Ian Mahinmi also has three, forcing the Mavs to go small for a good portion of the second half.

Chandler gets standing ovation: It’s over. Finally Knicks center Tyson Chandler got his championship ring. In a pregame ceremony, Chandler received a standing ovation from the crows at the American Airlines Center and blew a kiss to the crowd after getting his ring. Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle and owner Mark Cuban gave Chandler a warm embrace at center court. By the way, Lin got a loud ovation when he was introduced. Queens native Lamar Odom heard some boos when he entered the game in the first quarter for the Mavericks. Odom missed 10 days for personal time and there was questions raised by his teammates and his coach about his commitment to the team.