Stats: Melo better without Amare

Mike Woodson knows Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony's stats may suffer when they share the floor together.

But he's still going to start Stoudemire, saying he wants to 'make it work' between the two superstars.

According to a few statistical measures, Anthony has been much more efficient with Stoudemire on the bench.

He's shooting 39 percent when sharing the floor with Stoudemire. When Stoudemire's on the bench, that number increases to 49 percent.

Anthony's also shooting eight percent higher from beyond the arc when Stoudemire's off the floor.

One caveat here: Some of these increases are a result of Anthony's play over the last 12 games, in which both Stoudemire (bulging disk) and Jeremy Lin (knee surgery) were out with injury.

Anthony's averaged 31 points over the last 12 games on better than 50 percent shooting.

Could Stoudemire's potential return (he may come back as soon as Friday) inhibit that?

That issue could be avoided by bringing Stoudemire off the bench. But Woodson has vowed to start him.

"I know, you look at the numbers, well, Melo and Amare it didn't work early in the year and it didn't work with Jeremy Lin but ... I look at things differently," Woodson said. "Amare is a starting power forward, maybe five in this league. Melo can play three or four. Tyson is definitely a starting center in this league. I've got to make it work."

KNICKS HONOR STELLAR COMMUNITY SERVICE: The Knicks on Tuesday honored Alicia Fournier from NYU Langone Medical Center with the Sweetwater Clifton "City Spirit" Award for her fundraising efforts for epilepsy research.

Fournier has battled with epilepsy throughout her life. She has organized fundraising shows that generated $30,000 toward helping others with the disease. The Knicks donated $2,000 to a charity of Fournier's choice after honoring her with the award.

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