Will he be Knicks' Scoop du Jour?

Syracuse product Scoop Jardine traded text messages with Carmelo Anthony all year.

If he has it his way, he'll be able to throw him passes this fall.

"It'd be the easiest job in America. To throw passes to Melo and get out of the way," Jardine said earlier this week after working out for the Knicks. "It'll be a dream come true."

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Scoop Jardine

Jardine spent four years at Syracuse filled with "ups and downs." He enters the NBA draft projected by some as a late second-round pick. Others say he will go undrafted.

The Knicks have the 48th pick. And they need a point guard to play behind/in front of Jeremy Lin. But taking a rookie to fill that role seems like faulty logic.

They'll also need a shooting guard to take Iman Shumpert's place early in the season, while the 2011 first-round draft pick recovers from knee surgery.

Landry Fields could be the answer there. He is a restricted free agent this summer.

If the Knicks don't bring Fields back, they might look outside the organization to fill the void.

Could Jardine fill that role? Again, the Knicks are unlikely to find a starter with the 48th pick. So Jardine won't be the answer to that issue either.

But the Knicks could be looking for a third point guard to play behind Lin and the veteran they sign to split the point guard minutes with Lin.

And that's where Jardine might be a fit.

If the Knicks do call his name, Jardine, who says he has lost eight pounds since school ended, will be elated.

After all, he'll get to be reunited with Anthony, the former Syracuse star who texted him motivational messages throughout his senior season.

"To actually play alongside him would be great," Jardine said.

WILL TU BE THE ONE FOR THE KNICKS? Tu Holloway grew up in Hempstead, Long Island, with his grandmother.

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Tu Holloway

If the Knicks select him in the draft, he's not going to waste his money on a Manhattan apartment. Holloway says he'll be moving back in with his grandmother.

"I'm going to live in my bed room and save some money," Holloway, a star at Xavier, said.

He was asked if he would still be eating his grandmother's food.

"I'll definitely be eating out of her fridge, but I'll be the one putting the food in there this time," he said.

Holloway was involved in the Xavier-Cincinatti brawl. But, he said, he isn't concerned about any lingering negative perceptions from the incident.

"If anyone checks my track record, I'm a clean-cut guy," Holloway said. "I've never had any legal issues, I've never had any on-campus issues or anything like that."

Holloway is projected as a mid-second-round pick by some. He said prospective employers shouldn't be scared off by his size (6-feet).

"I have a 6-6 wingspan and 10-inch hands," he said.