BP: Knicks going back to Isiah years

The Knicks have made a flurry of moves in the past seven days. They acquired veterans Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby and re-signed key pieces in Steve Novak and J.R. Smith.

Reaction to the moves -- like most anything else the franchise does -- was mixed. Some praised the Knicks for bolstering their bench. Others questioned why they'd give up so much to acquire two players -- Camby and Kidd -- in the twilight of their careers.

Count Basketball Prospectus's Bradford Doolite among those who are questioning the Knicks. Doolittle definitely doesn't like what the Knicks did; in fact, he hates it.

Writes Doolittle: "The Knicks are assembling an old, expensive team that looks good -- but not great -- on paper and that has nothing but downside in its future.... (G)iven the more punitive aspects of the new C.B.A., the Knicks' future payroll bills may be at levels which would make even (former GM and president Isiah) Thomas blush. After all of the bad, bloated teams, tanked seasons and broken promises, the Knicks are threatening to end up right back where they started."

To read Doolittle's complete take (Insider), click here.

What do you think? Have the Knicks mortgaged their future to be a middling team in the Eastern Conference? Or do you think they have the pieces in place to compete for a title?

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