Times Square reacts to LeBron's decision

When Virgil Sweat, the lone Miami fan in the crowd Thursday night in Times Square, got the news that LeBron James was going to the Heat, the Palm City, Fla., resident risked his jaw when he yelled out, "Let's go!"

But this is the new Times Square, and many of the 300 or so fans in front of the TV screens dissipated when not one TV started showing "The Decision" at 9 p.m.

So those who could get a streaming video feed on a cell phone shared headphones and updated other fans in the crowd. Even so, Jacob St. Louis lost his connection at 9:26, and 9:28, just before LeBron made his announcement.

"Oh no," he said before frantically trying to reconnect.

Mark Girgis, 21, and half a dozen friends came in from Brooklyn, thinking that James would be a Knick. Did they really think LeBron would come, despite reports all day that he would pick Miami?

"Yes I did," Girgis said. "Just to balance out the NBA."

There were at least two Amare Stoudemire jerseys in the crowd, some Knicks hats, even a pair of baggy orange shorts. But most of the comments in the aftermatch of "The Decision" were unprintable.

Here's one that wasn't:

"This is the worst day ever."