Breaking down Carmelo in the post

Mike Woodson likes Carmelo Anthony at power forward, because it gives Anthony a chance to operate in the post.

Anthony has scored 25 percent of his points on post-ups, and Ryan Feldman of ESPN Stats & Info breaks down Anthony's approach and how he's been defended down low.

Feldman writes that Anthony has operated in the post in many different ways. When he starts in the post and faces up, Anthony either takes a hard dribble and pulls up for a jumper, or drives baseline. He has faced up in the post 34 percent of the time.

Writes Feldman, "On one-dribble jumpers, he’s shooting 4-of-8 and has been fouled twice. ... If Carmelo faces up, don’t let him drive to the basket without help defense. This season when Anthony faces up and drives without help defense, he’s 5-for-8, and all three of his misses came in the Knicks’ opening game against the Miami Heat."

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