Felton is a ray of light for the Knicks

Step aside for a moment, Carmelo -- there's an actual Knick who deserves some headline shine. For the past 15 years or so, the Knicks have had a reliable (Charlie Ward) or semi-reliable point guard (Stephon Marbury). Some were on their way out (Doc Rivers) and others, for most likely no other reason than by default, became the pg (Howard Eisley). Finally, the Knicks may have their best point man yet in Raymond Felton, who's only 26, can shoot (45.9% last season) and is the fastest of them all by far. And, best yet, he arrives with no previous off-the-court issues, which is the last thing the Knicks need, especially in Marbury's wake. Even beyond the Knicks, Felton has the chance to join the pantheon of New York City's great point guards, from the playgrounds to Madison Square Garden.

  • Okay, now back to Carmelo Anthony. Some details have emerged about Denver Nuggets executive Josh Kroenke's meeting with Anthony in Baltimore. Kroenke tried to sell him on a contract extension, but according to league sources, no agreements were made. Now it's being reported that Anthony is more interested in the Rockets, but then there's the possibility he could get traded to the Clippers. Knicks fans, don't hold your breath quite yet.

  • What else is second-round pick Jerome Jordan, who was traded to the Knicks in July, good at besides blocking shots? Taking initiative. Jordan, who hadn't yet received an offer from the Knicks, signed with KK Hemofarm of the Serbian League.

  • Knicks color commentator Walt Frazier hasn't taken his courtside seat yet, but he already has some thoughts on the team: "I like them. Obviously if they didn’t lose LeBron, everybody would be very excited, so that’s the only stigma that’s overshadowing what they’ve done thus far. I think the acquisitions from Golden State should help us get better defensively. [Ronny] Turiaf, [Anthony] Randolph, these guys can intimidate inside. And of course Stoudemire. [Ray] Felton, I think, is an upgrade over [Chris] Duhon. He’s strong, he gets in the paint, he can shoot. So I think there’s a good nucleus they have going, [but] you know they’ve had a good nucleus. Now it’s our time to step up. They’ve got to make the playoffs this year."

  • Speaking of Frazier, you can submit your picks for the Knicks' "All-Time Starting Five" on Facebook.

  • In a new bullet called the "Amar'e Alert," we'll fill you in on what the Knicks star, adventure nut and social media rockstar is up to. So where in the world is Amar'e now? At Disney World, where he's been hanging out with Mickey Mouse and making his own Knicks-colored blue and orange sprinkled candied apples.

Jared Zwerling is a senior researcher for ESPN The Magazine and a regular contributor to ESPN RISE. You can follow him on Twitter: @jaredzwerling