MWP holds court at Knicks media day

Metta World Peace, right, entertained Raymond Felton with his off-the-wall answers at media day. Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- If his media day news conference is a preview of things to come, Metta World Peace is going to be a source of entertainment for the Knicks.

The forward spent a few minutes before his presser interviewing members of the media with a microphone and a camera following him. Then he sat down with Raymond Felton and provided some answers that can only be described as MWP-ish.

If you’ve spent any time around the player formerly known as Ron Artest, you’d know that he has his own unique view on things which makes him a one of a kind. Even Carmelo Anthony found himself chuckling as he watched World Peace hold court.

Take his first answer in the presser when asked about his reaction to “the big shakeup” in the front office with Steve Mills being named Knicks president and GM.

“What shakeup?” World Peace asked seriously. “The only thing I shake up is my milk ... what shakeup?”

Then there was his answer about whether he is more comfortable playing defense at small forward or power forward these days.

“As far as me being comfortable, I am most comfortable in the bed,” World Peace said. “All right? I am not going to lie.”

Felton added, “He means sleeping, by the way.”

World Peace then described the type of bed he prefers and asked a reporter who was waiting to ask the next question if he knew where he could get that type of bed. The reporter blurted out, “Bed Bath.”

“Bed Bath?” World Peace asked. “I don’t think they sell beds at Bed Bath and Beyond.”

World Peace was also asked if he could compare former Lakers teammate Pau Gasol to new teammate Andrea Bargnani.

“Not really,” said World Peace, who added they both can hit 3-pointers. “Foreigners, not from America ... I can’t give a comparison. I haven’t played with Bargnani yet. They are good guys, they like to read. Read to achieve. I love you guys. Melo is here. Bye.”