Mag: Knicks will finish ...

ESPN The Magazine's Knicks preview is out.

Tom Haberstroh writes:

"THE EXPERIMENT of shifting Carmelo Anthony to the 4 after losing Amar'e Stoudemire to injury was a wild success: Through December, the Knicks had a team ORtg of 109.4, shot 39.3 percent on 3s and eventually earned a No. 2 seed in the playoffs -- where Melo reverted to being Melo, attempting 25.8 shots per game. Newcomer Andrea Bargnani will push Anthony back to the 3, where he's less effective (21.8 PER versus 24.8 at PF). That sound you hear? It's the Nets' bandwagon tearing through Manhattan."

The Mag gives the Knicks a 50% chance to make the playoffs but a big fat 0% chance of winning it all. It also has a nice breakdown of the spots on the court where some Knicks shoot most above league average. Check out the preview here.

What do you guys think?