Let's guess Jim Dolan's timetable

At what point is it acceptable to say the Knicks are "muzzling" Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni?

Or has that point already passed?

We ask these questions because the silence that has been forthcoming from the New York Knicks regarding the status of their team president has become somewhat deafening. Saturday was the deadline for the Knicks to pick up the option on the fourth year of Walsh's contract, but the day came and went without a peep from the Knicks, Walsh or his agent.

This silent treatment is being driven by owner Jim Dolan, who doesn't want anyone dictating to him what his timetable should be for informing his fan base of what will become of Walsh, the architect of the transformation of the franchise. Is that fair to the fans? No. Do you think that matters one iota to Dolan? It doesn't.

The subject came up today in my weekly NBA chat, and I reminded all of the scolding Walsh gave to the writers up in Greenburgh when we pressed him on the limbo stage he seemed to be entering. For those who missed it, here is a link to what Walsh had to say that day.