Coaching rumors 'annoying' Van Gundy

NEW YORK -- ESPN analyst and former New York Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy says it's "annoying" that he's been mentioned as a possible replacement for embattled head coach Mike Woodson.

"It's annoying because it's not true," Van Gundy said on Wednesday in an interview with ESPN New York 98.7 FM's "The Michael Kay Show." "I think it's not true from the Knicks standpoint either. I think people are guessing what the Knicks or [owner] Jim Dolan may be thinking but they don't know. He's not telling them. So I don't believe for one moment that Mike Woodson is on the hot seat. Why would he be?"

Van Gundy added: "I don't think for one minute Mike Woodson is in any trouble nor should he be because he has proven himself to be an outstanding coach."

Van Gundy cited Woodson's regular-season record after he took over for Mike D'Antoni in 2011-2012 (18-6), and his win total in the 2012-13 regular season (54) as reasons why Woodson's job shouldn't be in jeopardy.

But the Knicks have dropped 11 of 13, leading to speculation that Woodson could be fired. One published report said Van Gundy would be a candidate to replace Woodson. Another report suggested that Van Gundy was not on the ESPN broadcasting team for Wednesday's Knicks-Bulls game because Woodson is on the hot seat and Van Gundy is a candidate to replace Woodson.

Van Gundy said it was decided 10 days ago that he wouldn't call the game.

"The jumps to conclusions from somebody not doing a game to him being a coach some place: That's a huge leap and it's not true," said Van Gundy, who coached the Knicks from 1995-2002. "I've already been an interim coach before in my life and that would never be something that would interest me I don't think ever again."

"I am extremely happy with what I'm doing right now," he added.

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