Opening Tip: What if Phil says no?

Most Knicks fans hope Phil Jackson can come in and lead the team to its first title in 40-plus seasons. But what happens if Phil doesn’t accept the job?

Jackson is expected to inform the Knicks of his decision in the coming days. And as ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported on Monday morning, all signs point to him taking the job.

But what if Phil gets cold feet? There is a theory out there that Jackson is just using the Knicks as a way to leverage his way to a job with the Lakers.

If Jackson turns down the Knicks, and his pursuit of the Lakers gig turns out to be true, where does that leave the Knicks?

And what about the fan base, which has been spurned by Jackson in the past?

Will Knicks fans be upset at Jackson for using the Knicks?

Upset at owner James Dolan for allowing Jackson to use the Knicks?

Or will fans be content with the idea that the Knicks are going after the biggest names on the market in an effort to dig out of the mediocrity that they find themselves in?

If Jackson says ‘no’ to the Knicks, it could leave the team in an awkward situation.

Current president and GM Steve Mills now knows that Dolan is looking for someone else to run the Knicks’ basketball operations. So, if Jackson says no, where does that leave the Knicks’ front-office situation?

What about their offseason plans for Carmelo Anthony and a new head coach?

If Jackson spurns the Knicks, it will leave the team with plenty of unanswered questions -- and an unhappy fanbase.

Up now: The Knicks have won four straight and sit 3 1/2 games out of eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

Putting Amar’e Stoudemire in the starting lineup has served as a catalyst for the team.

J.R. Smith says the Knicks could benefit from Phil Jackson, if he accepts the team’s offer.

What’s next: The Knicks will take on the Boston Celtics on Wednesday.

Question: If Phil Jackson says no to the Knicks, how will you react?

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