McMenamin: Love open to N.Y.

Not that you needed any hints, but earlier this week Phil Jackson made it clear that the Knicks plan to be major players in free agency when he said the organization is "in a talent hunt."

Naturally, one of the players the Knicks will try to pursue is Kevin Love.

Love will be a free agent in the 2015 offseason.

Zach Lowe reported recently that the Wolves -- at this point -- have no plans to trade Love before he hits free agency. The Timberwolves' stance could change, though, if they get the inclination that Love is ready to sign elsewhere.

Marc Stein also reported that the Los Angeles Lakers, long rumored as a prime destination for Love, would be willing to deal their 2014 first-round pick to obtain Love. The Lakers also could save cap space for the following offseason and make a run at Love in the summer of 2015.

The 25-year-old Love has ties to Los Angeles. He went to UCLA for one season before entering the NBA draft. His father, Stan, also played for the Lakers.

But, according to ESPNLosAngeles.com's Dave McMenamin, Los Angeles isn't the only big market that has a chance to land Love.

A source familiar with Love's thinking told McMenamin that Love is "enamored with the idea of being 'big time in a big city,' and that list of potential places he’d seek includes New York and Chicago, as well."

So how would Love fit into the Knicks' plans?

If they sign Carmelo Anthony to a max deal ($24,142,7891), the Knicks are expected to have five players under contract at a total salary of $39,492,533 entering the 2015 offseason.

So, in theory, they will have enough room to sign Love in the summer of 2015 if he makes it to free agency.

When thinking about Love-to-the-Knicks in 2015, it’s worthwhile to consider the following issues:

1. Would the Knicks be better-suited going after a point guard? Or is a top-flight PG less necessary in Jackson’s triangle offense?

2. Assuming Anthony re-signs with the Knicks, would he and Love be able to play off of one another? Both players have a comfort zone on the left side of the floor. Is this another issue that can be worked out via the Triangle offense?

These are issues the Knicks won’t have to face for a while. Plenty can change between now and the summer of 2015. In the meantime, they can take comfort in the idea that Love is looking to play in a big market.

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