Opening Tip: Fisher worth the gamble?

Phil Jackson finally has his head coach as the New York Knicks get set to introduce Derek Fisher to the media today.

There will be plenty of questions for Fisher, such as how he plans to succeed as a first-time head coach, how much will he lean on Phil Jackson in his rookie season, how can he keep Carmelo Anthony and what his thoughts are on the rest of the Knicks’ roster?

And of course, it’s never too early to weigh in on Phil’s first big decision as Knicks’ czar. It’s my opinion that Fisher was the guy Jackson had to get since Phil wanted somebody from his triangle tree. After Steve Kerr spurned Jackson, Fisher had to be the Knicks coach.

Phil's first coach was always going to be one of his disciples, not a Jeff Van Gundy or a Mark Jackson as some fans hoped for.

Even though Fisher was Phil’s second choice, I think the former point guard with a habit for hitting clutch shots has the potential to be a better coach than Kerr, and a better fit for the Knicks and what Phil wants to do.

Like Kerr, Fisher has never been a head coach. But his playing credentials, and more importantly his time and on-hand training with Jackson through five championship runs with the Lakers, might have him better suited to be the first Phil protege to lead the Zen Garden era.

Here’s my take. And here’s Ian O’Connor’s great take on why Fisher is a risk and how Jackson better be right on his gamble.

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What’s next: Meet Derek Fisher as the Knicks introduce Mike Woodson’s successor at 11:30 at the team facility.

Question of the day: Phil went after Kerr and Fisher and landed Fish. Of those two Jackson disciples, which one would you have wanted to coach the Knicks?