Rondo hints Celtics interested in Carmelo

It seems like a long shot, but don't rule out the Boston Celtics as a potential home for Carmelo Anthony.

So says Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics aren't on the short list of Anthony suitors, though. For one, Anthony, who is expected to opt out of his contract Monday, has said he'd like to play with a team that can contend for a championship. The Celtics seem far from championship contention.

Boston also doesn't currently have enough cap space to offer Anthony a max contract. But Rondo hinted Friday that the Celtics may position themselves to make a play for Anthony.

"You never know what (Celtics president) Danny (Ainge) is capable of doing," Rondo said on ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie." "I can't tell you much. We want to turn it around next year. Danny has a lot of wiggle room the past couple of years with what he's done in the draft. Hopefully [Anthony] won't go to Chicago.

"I think after we try to get Melo and an additional piece, who knows? The sky's the limit. I plan to try to win a championship every year. With Melo, I think it's very possible."

The Celtics would need to alter their roster to create enough cap space to sign Anthony outright. Ainge could also orchestrate a sign-and-trade including some of Boston's future first-round draft picks, but there aren't many players -- other than Rondo -- whom the Knicks could justify taking back in a sign-and-trade involving Anthony.

The Bulls are widely seen as the Knicks' biggest competition for Anthony. Chicago offers a strong roster, and one of the best head coaches in the NBA in Tom Thibodeau. Rondo acknowledged as much when he said Anthony could be the "missing piece" for the Bulls.

"I hate to say it, but he just might be," Rondo said. "[Chicago] has a great center in Joakim Noah who holds down the paint and one of the best pick-and-roll defenders in our league. And with Derrick Rose coming back, you have a Big Three in Chicago. Melo could be the missing piece, but if he does do a move like that, we'll have to figure something out in Boston."

Anthony can sign a maximum contract worth $129 million for five years with the Knicks. With another team, the maximum Anthony can sign for is $96 million for four years.