A tow truck story from NBA labor talks

Ever gotten your car towed by the NYC DOT? You know, the guys in the brown trucks?

It happened to me on the Knicks' opening night last season at Madison Square Garden, and I am still tying to figure out how to get back my $185 for being wrongfully towed (I was in an NYP zone, and I have NYP plates).

Half the battle in these situations is to get to the tow truck driver before he drives away, which was what one of the NBA security guys did this afternoon at the NBA labor talks in Manhattan at the Omni Berkshire hotel. I only wish I had a listening device to eavesdrop on what was said, becase not only did the tow truck driver back off, he even took back the orange parking ticket that was under one of the windshield wipers.

Pretty uncommon, eh?

Uncommon enough that it gave me an anecdote to make use of in my column on the lack of progress in today's talks. Give it a read, and if anyone has any advice on how to recover that $185 I need to get back, drop a line in the comments section, please.