Amare to fans: Stay positive

Amare Stoudemire has a message for Knicks fans upset over the cancellation of the Knicks' first seven games.

"Just stay positive," he said. "Again, I think most of the fans understand how bad we want to play and how important it is for us to play. I know, not only Knicks fans but Knicks employees and NBA employees that go unnoticed are missing out on jobs as well. We want to get this thing resolved so everyone can get back to that happy life and have fun doing it so hopefully it happens soon."

Stoudemire spoke Tuesday night at a Manhattan Footlocker to promote his new sneaker, the Nike Air Max Sweep Thru.

BACK TO SCHOOL? While the lockout drags on, Stoudemire said he will be attending "seminars" at Florida International, the same school where's he's been working out all summer and the same school that employs former Knicks president and coach Isiah Thomas as its men's basketball coach.

What seminars is Stoudemire attending?

"I'm a history guy, I'm always into history," Stoudemire said. ".... Just trying to connect the dots."

Stoudemire also hinted that there will be more acting opportunities for him on the horizon.

Stoudemire appeared in HBO's Entourage and has filmed an appearance on the sitcom "The Exes."

As far as when the lockout will end, Stoudemire had an optimistic prediction:

“I think after these two weeks of the regular season getting canceled, I think we’ll come to an agreement soon,” he said. “The owners don’t want a lockout. We don’t want a lockout. We both want to play basketball. It’s just a matter of us making it happen.”

If that doesn't happen, Stoudemire raised the possibility of players starting their own league.