Could NYK win a title with Steve Nash?

Suns point guard Steve Nash loves New York City so much that he hosts his annual summer "Showdown in Chinatown" soccer event here to raise money for his charity foundation. He also has a place in the TriBeCa neighborhood.

Does Nash love the city enough that he'd want to sign here in the offsesaon? He'll be an unrestricted free agent then, and would be able to reunite with Mike D'Antoni and Amare Stoudemire for perhaps one last shot at a title. D'Antoni could maybe get back to playing his seven-seconds-or-less offense, and Stoudemire could maybe get back to averaging 26 points per game like he did in Phoenix and earning first-team All-NBA honors. However, D'Antoni, who's in the last year of his contract, could be gone by May.

Even at Nash's older age of 37 (he turns 38 on Feb. 7), the Knicks could sure use a guy like him -- an upgrade to what they already have. In fact, both the Knicks and the Suns could benefit from making some moves. While the Knicks are 6-7, the Suns are 4-9 and entering the Garden Wednesday night having lost five straight games. Change for the Knicks in the form of acquiring Nash would not be a bad thing, "now," as the main Knicks' marketing campaign says.

While Nash is a defensive liability, he still offers tremendous value as a starting point guard, and is a much better option than what the Knicks currently have. Check these stats out:

Nash vs. Knicks Point Guards This Season

Nash | Iman Shumpert | Baron Davis*

Points per game -- 14.2 | 11.8 | 12.8

Assists per game -- 10.0 | 3.2 | 7.0

Field goal percentage -- 53.4 | 36.9 | 41.6

*2010-11 season

Nash's play so far this season is remarkably consistent to how he played in his MVP years with the Suns. In fact, he's been outplaying Jason Kidd and Gary Payton compared to how they were doing in at least their 16th season, and his durability is actually better than John Stockton's. Check these stats out:

First MVP Season vs. This Season

2004-05 | This Season

Points per game -- 15.5 | 14.2

Assists per game -- 11.5 | 10.0

Field goal percentage -- 50.2 | 53.4

Nash vs. Future Hall of Fame Point Guards

Nash | Kidd* | Payton**

Points per game -- 14.2 | 7.9 | 7.7

Assists per game -- 10.0 | 8.2 | 3.2

Field goal percentage -- 53.4 | 36.1 | 42.0

*2010-11 season = NBA title

**2005-06 season = NBA title

Nash vs. Stockton in 16th NBA season

Nash | Stockton*

Points per game -- 14.2 | 12.1

Assists per game -- 10.0 | 8.6

Field goal percentage -- 53.4 | 50.1

*1999-2000 season

Source: David Shepard -- ESPN Stats & Info

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