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Will Wade, Bosh opt-out = Melo to Heat?

June, 29, 2014
Jun 29
We already know that the Miami Heat have discussed internally the possibility of their "Big 3" teaming up with Carmelo Anthony.

That scenario still feels more like fantasy than reality at this point. But on Saturday, the Heat took a necessary step toward making that fantasy a reality when Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem opted out of their contracts to test free agency.

Chris Bosh is expected to do the same.

These transactions are all apart of a plan to give Miami some financial flexibility to add a big-name free agent this summer to help the Big Three chase another title.

Could that free agent be Carmelo? reported earlier this month that the Heat have discussed the possibility of trying to sign Anthony as a free agent. Anthony would have to take a significant pay cut to join the Heat but there are several scenarios in which the Heat can clear enough space to make a run at Anthony.

All of those scenarios involve James, Wade, Bosh, Haslem and Chris Andersen opting out of the final year's of their contracts. Anderson has reportedly already decided to opt out.

The most plausible Melo-to-Miami scenario has the Heat clearing $55 million in cap space to sign all four players. If they divided that space evenly, that would leave Carmelo with a starting salary of $13.8 million on a four-year contract totaling $58.8 million. Signing that kind of deal would force Carmelo to leave more than $70 million on the table.

Anthony can sign a max contract worth $129 million over five years with the Knicks.

Now, some believe that the Heat will chase a point guard or center with their extra cash instead of going after Anthony. Kyle Lowry is a name that is mentioned often.

But, if Miami truly has interest in Anthony, Wade and Haslem opting out on Saturday was an important step in its pursuit of the Knicks' star.

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D-Wade: Heat-Knicks will be 'exciting'

October, 10, 2012
While the Heat upgraded, adding veterans Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, the Knicks signed a few of their own in the offseason. And if things go well, the Heat and Knicks could meet in the second round or even conference finals next spring.

All-Star Dwyane Wade told early Thursday morning in Beijing, where the Heat are playing a preseason game against the Clippers, that the Knicks-Heat rivalry this season will be competitive.

"Oh, man. It's going to be exciting to see," he said. "The Knicks are trying to build a team that they feel that can compete for a championship, and we have as well. It's going to be the first matchup of many, and it's going to be fun."

Wade joked that one of worst parts about the rivalry is that Mike Bibby won't be a Knick. During the first round of the playoffs last season, in which the Heat won 4-1, Wade stepped on one of Bibby's sneakers, removing it in the process. He then threw it to the Heat bench, while telling him he should be wearing his instead.

"[laughs] I had a little fun with Mike with the shoe thing," he said.

The Knicks first face the Heat on Nov. 2 at the Garden, one night after they take on the Nets in the brand new Barclays Center. Many of the Knicks know the Heat is the team to beat, but they feel they're right there, such as Rasheed Wallace. They just need to avoid getting hurt.

"Granted, I think the only thing that held this team back last year really was injuries," he said. "I don't think at any point you had the whole team healthy, except probably in the beginning. Right now, everybody's good, everybody's on the same page, everybody's healthy [Wallace knocks on the hardwood], so we've just got to keep it how it is."

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Amare's going 'hunting' for D-Wade & LeBron

December, 22, 2011
Funny conversation in the Knicks' locker room after their preseason game against the Nets.

Josh Harrellson, an avid hunter, asked Amare Stoudemire where they could go hunting this season.

Stoudemire replied, "South Florida."

A half-amused, half-confused Harrellson asked Stoudemire, "What can we hunt in South Florida?"

Stoudemire replied, "We're hunting D-Wade and LeBron."

The Knicks and Heat play three times this season. The Knicks travel to Miami on Jan. 27 and Feb. 23. They host the Heat on April 15.

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