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Mavs to Melo: You can win here

July, 3, 2014
Jul 3

Carmelo Anthony's free-agency tour hit Texas on Wednesday and left Jeremy Lin in its wake.

Anthony met with Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Dwight Howard, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki in separate meetings with the teams.

In trying to court Carmelo, the Rockets dissed Lin when they showed images of Anthony in a No. 7 jersey. Anthony wears No. 7 for the Knicks. Lin wears No. 7 for the Rockets.


Rockets GM Daryl Morey explained the rationale behind the display.

After a meeting at the Toyota Center and lunch in Houston, Anthony headed to Dallas to meet with Cuban, Nowitzki and Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle, among others, at Cuban’s home, sources told

Here’s what the Mavs sold Melo on:

There was no pomp and circumstances from the Mavericks. Dallas' meat-and-potatoes pitch emphasized the opportunity to contend immediately with an elite coach in Carlisle, a selfless star in Nowitzki and a quality supporting cast featuring high-scoring guard Monta Ellis and defensive-minded center Tyson Chandler. The Mavericks also focused on the creativity and proven track record of the front office, stressing their plan to sustain a contender throughout Anthony's prime and ability to add at least one more major piece next summer.

Dallas has enough cap space to offer Anthony a maximum contract valued at $96 million over four years. But Cuban has said that he won’t offer Anthony -- or any other free agent -- max money this summer.

The Knicks can offer Anthony the most money of any of the suitors -- $129 million over five years -- though it is unclear if Knicks president Phil Jackson will offer Anthony a max contract.

Both the Rockets and Bulls would have to alter their rosters significantly to create enough cap space to offer Anthony a competitive contract. The more likely path for either to acquire Anthony is via a sign-and-trade. But it’s unclear if the Knicks will cooperate in such a transaction, which would make it easier for Anthony to leave New York.

One key player in Chicago’s pursuit of Anthony is Carlos Boozer. The Bulls would need to exercise their amnesty rights on Boozer and his $16.8 million salary or move it in a sign-and-trade. ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that the Knicks would not be interested in taking back Boozer in a sign-and-trade. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported on Wednesday night that the Bulls informed Boozer that he will be amnestied or involved in a sign-and-trade.

Anthony will head to Los Angeles to meet with the Lakers on Thursday. The Knicks expect to get the final meeting with Anthony, sources told ESPN New York. It is unclear if a date or time has been set for the meeting yet.

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Cuban 'going to boo the hell out of' Kidd

November, 9, 2012
In August on a Dallas sports radio talk show, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he was "pissed" about Jason Kidd bolting to New York.

Before the Mavs-Knicks game Friday night, Cuban didn't feel any different.

"I'm going to boo the hell out of him and hope he has about 15 turnovers," he said while addressing a group of reporters courtside. "I'll (boo) happily and with a lot of warmth.

"He plays for the Knicks. I don't care about the Knicks, other than we want to beat their a-- like we do every other team. Other than that, any guy who wears another team's jersey, that's what they do. They wear another team's jersey."

Cuban continued: "I like Jason. I mean, I don't dislike him or Steve Novak or TC (Tyson Chandler). They're all great guys. There's no reason to dislike them, but I'll yell at him just like I yelled at (Brendan) Haywood and I just like I yell at lots of guys that I know. I know they know my voice, so they're going to hear it."

Cuban wouldn't touch the topic about him not retiring Kidd's jersey in Dallas, only to say that the point guard won't be on his Christmas card list. But he was positive about Kidd's play at shooting guard with the Knicks.

"Oh yeah, absolutely. He played a lot of 2 (for us)," he said. "We would have other people bringing the ball up, and then he could still control and play the game. It takes some of the wear and tear off of him."

Cuban also responded to Chandler's comments from this week saying that the Mavericks had an opportunity to win back-to-back titles in 2011 and '12. Cuban said, a bit tongue-in-cheek, "Oh it's fine. Look, TC's a smart guy. I'm sure he'll have a future as a general manager. It's a fair question, and he gave his honest answer, and that's fine."

CUBAN'S HELPING HAND: Even if you don't care for Cuban's comments about the current Knicks, you have to like this: The billionaire entrepreneur said he'll surpass $1 million in donations to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Cuban has an apartment in Columbus Circle and frequents the city often for work, so he felt especially connected to how the storm affected a lot of people.

"I spend a lot of time in New York. I have a place here and I like people here," he said. "We're all Americans and sometimes if you can do the right thing, you should do the right thing. It wasn't like somebody made a mistake, and it wasn't like similar things can't happen in Dallas or anywhere else in the country. I'm blessed and I just thought it was the right thing to do."

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Mark Cuban rips Jason Kidd

August, 21, 2012
Earlier in the summer, it seemed like Jason Kidd was prepared to re-sign with the Mavericks. Dallas reportedly offered Kidd a three-year, $9 million contract via the tax-payer's exception.

But Kidd, of course, never inked the deal with Dallas.

He changed his mind and decided to sign the same deal with the Knicks.

More than six weeks after the fact, Mavs owner Mark Cuban is still ticked that Kidd chose New York.

"I was more than upset. I thought he was coming. I was pissed," Cuban said. "J-Kidd is a big boy; he can do whatever he wants. But you don't change your mind like that. That was ... yeah. I'm sure I'll get over it at some point, but as of now, I wouldn't put J-Kidd's number in the rafters."

Kidd and Nets point guard Deron Williams were both free agents over the summer. Some saw Kidd and Williams as a packaged deal. Both point guards spent a significant amount of time together and Kidd had expressed a desire to play with Williams. The Mavs were pursuing Williams, but he ultimately decided to return to the Nets.

"It hurt my feelings, period, because I felt that we had developed a relationship, and I thought that he was committed to the organization," Cuban said of Kidd's decision. "It sure seemed that he was. I mean, J-Kidd was active in going out there and talking to Deron Williams the whole time. I guess it was more shocking and surprising than anything else."

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