New York Knicks: Power Rankings

Stein: Knicks No. 29 in Power Rankings

December, 30, 2013
The Knicks plummeted to No. 29 in the latest Power Rankings from's Marc Stein.

Even the most optimistic of Knicks fans would have a tough time arguing with Stein on this one.

New York is 9-21 and went 1-3 last week, including back-to-back losses to Toronto. The Knicks had a chance to climb within one game of the first-place Raptors. Instead, they fell five games out of first place.

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Knicks 25th in Power Rankings

December, 16, 2013

The Knicks went 2-2 last week but that didn't earn them many points in ESPN's Power Rankings.'s Marc Stein has the Knicks ranked 25th in the most recent rankings, up one spot from last week and two spots behind Brooklyn.

Writes Stein: "Uncomfortable faceoff Monday night at Madison Square Garden for two coaches that need to win that rare Eastern Conference game where neither team secretly wants to lose: Washington's Randy Wittman vs. New York's Mike Woodson. The greater pressure, though, remains on Woody."

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Knicks drop to 28 in Power Rankings

December, 2, 2013
Another week, another drop in the rankings for the New York Knicks.'s Marc Stein has the Knicks ranked 28th in his most-recent Power Rankings, down one spot from last week. You can make an argument that he's being kind. The Knicks have lost nine a row and have set a franchise record with seven straight home losses.

Writes Stein: "No Carmelo Anthony team, with Melo on the floor, had ever lost more than six straight games before this season. The craziest part of a drought that has reached nine straight L's -- including a franchise-worst seven in a row at home -- is how close the Knicks came to beating Indy on Nov. 20."

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Knicks slip to No. 27 in Stein rankings

November, 25, 2013
What do the 1-12 Jazz and the 2-12 Bucks have in common with the Knicks and Nets? All four teams are in the bottom rung of's latest Power Rankings, courtesy of Marc Stein.

Stein has the Knicks at 27 this week, one spot ahead of Brooklyn. And rightfully so. The Knicks (3-9) have lost five straight and six of seven. The Bucks and Jazz round out the bottom four.

Writes Stein:
"As if the Knicks' start hasn't been rough enough: They just went winless at home in November during what was seen as a friendly stretch of their schedule. Maybe the only source of comfort as Melo and Co. head West (gulp) is the fact that their buddies in Brooklyn are spiraling at a similar pace."
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Knicks now 25th in Power Rankings

November, 18, 2013

Most Knicks fans would probably agree with's Marc Stein this week. After their 1-3 week, Stein ranked the Knicks 25th in the NBA. That seems pretty accurate.

Writes Stein: "Who says the Knicks lack consistency? James Dolan started the season talking championship and now we hear, via Frankie Ice in the New York Daily News, that the Knicks -- with no first-round picks to trade until 2018 -- think they have the assets to deal for Rajon Rondo. MSG ... Madison Square Gumption."

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Question: Do you think Stein's ranking of the Knicks is accurate? Too high? Too low?

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Stein's power rankings: Knicks at No. 11

September, 28, 2013
PM ET colleague Marc Stein has the Knicks at No. 11 in the first installment of his weekly power rankings, way behind the other Eastern Conference contenders.

Writes Stein:

Who thinks they're going to win 54 games again? Not I. The top half of the East is significantly more competitive, which means that the Knicks better get something out of Amar'e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani -- as well as Metta World Peace and a full-strength Iman Shumpert -- to keep up.

The rival Nets are third.

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Power Rankings: Prigioni propels Knicks

April, 1, 2013
Thanks in part to the heady, steady play of Pablo Prigioni, the Knicks check in at No. 8 in NBA writer Marc Stein's latest Power Rankings.

The Knicks are 8-0 since Prigioni was inserted into the starting lineup. They won both home and away games against the hated Celtics last week to strengthen their hold on the Atlantic Division, and are the No. 3 Eastern Conference team in Stein's rankings.

Writes Stein: "I became quite a Pablo Prigioni fan during the Olympics -- and got irrationally excited when I heard he was coming to the NBA -- but I obviously would be lying in a big way if I dared to suggest I ever pictured him emerging as a co-catalyst with J.R. Smith to help resurrect the Knicks' season."

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Question: Do you agree? Is Stein's ranking too high? Too low?

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Power Rankings: Knicks No. 9

March, 25, 2013
The Knicks are movin' on up, according to one ESPN expert.

In NBA analyst Marc Stein's latest Power Rankings, New York is ranked ninth, up five spots from last week. The Knicks feasted on some weak teams in the past four games to stay in the race for the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Finishing second would give the Knicks home-court advantage in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Here is Stein's reasoning for his most recent rankings:

"The fact that pretty much no one in the East outside of Miami is playing with any sort of sustained quality has enabled the Knicks -- even with all those injuries -- to stay right there in the race for the No. 2 seed. They capitalized on last week's cushy schedule to rediscover the 3-ball, too."

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Knicks coming back to Earth?

February, 19, 2013
The Knicks are ninth in Marc Stein’s most recent NBA rankings, one spot back of the Rockets and one ahead of the Boston Celtics.

They moved up one spot from the previous rankings.

Guest analyst Jim Cavan, who writes for the "KnickerBlogger" blog, thinks the Knicks may be coming back to Earth.

Writes Cavan: "Knicks, meet Earth. The Red Holzman-era ball movement and torrid shooting that fueled an 18-5 start is gone. (Or in hibernation.) Given its win-now makeup, recapturing that offensive chemistry will be paramount to New York's postseason prospects."

Question: What do you think about the rankings? Too high? Too low?

Knicks trail Rockets in Power Rankings

February, 11, 2013
The Knicks are the 10th-best team in the NBA, according to ESPN NBA writer Marc Stein.

Last week, the Knicks beat Minnesota and Detroit but suffered losses to the Wizards and Clippers.

New York is one spot behind Jeremy Lin's Rockets on Stein's list. How does that sit with you?

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Do you agree with Stein? Or is the ranking too high? Too low?

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Knicks seventh in Power Rankings

December, 31, 2012
The Knicks lost two of three games last week and lost their starting point guard due to a fractured right pinky. That caused ESPN's Marc Stein to drop New York from sixth to seventh in his weekly Power Rankings.

Writes Stein: Who knew that the Knicks would be so banged up by the time Amar'e Stoudemire was finally ready to return that there's almost a clamor now to get him back in there and see how it all snaps together. P.S. -- Something tells me Raymond Felton's absence will a bigger issue than we think.

Question: What do you think of Stein's ranking for the Knicks? Is it too high? Too low?

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Power Rankings: Knicks move up to third

December, 10, 2012
A 2-1 road trip -- mostly without Carmelo Anthony -- and a home win over the Nuggets has propelled the Knicks to No. 3 in Marc Stein's latest Power Rankings. Stein was impressed by the Knicks' 20-point win over Miami with Anthony on the bench last Thursday, and their Sunday night win over Denver.

Last week, the Knicks ranked seventh on Stein's list. This week, they're behind No. 1 San Antonio and No. 2 Oklahoma City.

Writes Stein: "For all the justifiable awe their 3-point barrages generate -- how Mike D'Antoni must wish he could have brought just one of those shooters with him to L.A. -- perhaps we should be even more impressed with the fact mighty Miami has averaged a mere 88 points in two L's to the Knicks."

ESPN's John Hollinger has his own rankings based on a statistical formula. He has the Knicks at No. 4, behind San Antonio, Oklahoma City and the Los Angeles Clippers. Click here for Hollinger's rankings.

Week 3 Power Rankings: Knicks No. 2

November, 19, 2012
We haven't seen a team mow through three straight opponents sporting winning percentages of .750 or better, as the Memphis Grizzlies just did, since the opening month of the 2000-01 season.

And we've never seen the Grizzlies sporting the league's best record this deep into an NBA season.

Two big reasons why you suddenly see the Grizzlies atop's weekly NBA Power Rankings.

The Grizz were already off to a fine start, but consecutive wins last week on the road in Oklahoma City and at home against New York -- after the previous Sunday's dismantling of Miami -- ensured that Memphis made the four-spot jump from No. 5 to No. 1.

The Knicks retained the No. 2 slot largely on the strength of their big comeback at San Antonio when the Spurs were still carrying the No. 1 overall ranking. San Antonio and Miami, meanwhile, are down to No. 4 and No. 5, respectively, thanks not only to Memphis' jump but the rise of the surging Los Angeles Clippers to No. 3. (The Grizzlies, for the record, are the first team since Cleveland in November 2000 to beat three straight .750-or-better teams, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.)

The rankings are compiled with ever-helpful dishing from ESPN Stats & Info and the Elias Sports Bureau.

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Knicks are No. 2 team in Power Rankings

November, 13, 2012
NBA Power Illustration
According to's Marc Stein, there's only one NBA team better than the New York Knicks right now.

In Stein's latest Power Rankings, the 4-0 Knicks are No. 2 behind San Antonio (6-1). Last week, the Knicks were No. 3. They opened the regular season ranked 15th.

Writes Stein: "Melo looks like a new man, their D has been stout and the Knicks continue to shoot the ball amazingly well. The lone disclaimer: They've had to play only four games in two weeks, and three of those were at home. A legit stress test awaits this week with three road games in four nights."

After Tuesday's game against Orlando, the Knicks will travel to San Antonio to open a back-to-back on Thursday night that ends in Memphis.

Question: What do you think about the ranking? Too low? Too high?

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Carmelo Anthony
27.4 3.1 1.2 38.7
ReboundsC. Anthony 8.1
AssistsP. Prigioni 3.5
StealsI. Shumpert 1.2
BlocksA. Bargnani 1.2