Mets fans shouldn't expect 'steak and sizzle' at trade deadline

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson reiterated that the team likely won't be major players at the trade deadline, when he spoke to the media before Monday's game against the Cardinals.

Alderson noted that he "likes steak-and-sizzle as much as the next guy," but that any deal the Mets make would likely be smaller in nature.

"This is the entertainment business," Alderson said. "You talk about steak and sizzle. But at the same time, you have to be realistic about where one can improve short term and long term. Last year (getting Yoenis Cespedes) worked out really well, but deals at the deadline don't always work out really well."

Alderson said the Mets were more likely to make a deal for a reliever, and not one at the Aroldis Chapman level.

"I think we look at all areas of the club," Alderson said. "Realistically the bullpen is the area where we can get someone who can make a difference at a relatively low cost in terms of prospects. Starting pitching, relief pitching, those are all areas we look at, but realistically, I think its unlikely we end up with another starting pitcher and I think it's unlikely we end up with a significant position player. We're very happy with our bullpen, but we're looking to add depth."

Manager Terry Collins said that Cespedes continues to be a force, but "we need to get him some help."

That help will likely come from within, as the Mets try to get Neil Walker back on track (he's 4-for-45 in his last 13 games), look to get Jose Reyes further established (Collins ruled out his playing the outfield, but said he could see some time at second base) and hope to get Michael Conforto going again (he's 5-for-11 since being recalled from Las Vegas).

"For us to be successful the rest of the season, the roster we have is going to have to produce," Alderson said. "We have the capability of doing that. If we are a little bit better, we'll be in good shape."