Latest missive from Fred, Jeff & Uncle Saul

In their latest message to fans this morning, Jeff Wilpon is joined by principal owner Fred Wilpon and president Saul Katz in writing via e-mail:

We are pleased to announce we have hired Sandy Alderson as the new general manager of the New York Mets. We realize this is a critical time for the future of this organization and we are confident Sandy is the right person to reinvigorate this franchise and produce a winning and contending team for the long term. Sandy has led clubs to a world championship, three American League pennants and six division titles. He has served as general manager, president and chief executive officer of teams and also an executive vice president at the commissioner's office. ... This is the first step of many in our continuing efforts to follow through on our pledge to deliver a team our fans can be proud of for the short and long term. Thanks again for your support.

Fred Wilpon

Chairman & CEO

Saul Katz


Jeff Wilpon