Alderson: Minimal trade talks under way

Trade discussions with other teams should gather steam next week when Sandy Alderson attends the annual GM Meetings in Orlando.

Still, Alderson indicated, the fact that he's had to hire a front office and search for a managerial has not meant his time as GM has been devoid of trade discussions. And Alderson does not feel the Mets are behind other teams in terms of laying the groundwork for deals.

"I actually have had several calls from other clubs, and have had discussions about possible deals, individual players," Alderson said. "There hasn't been a lot of that. And, of course, the fact that I've been putting together a front office and searching for a manager may have had something to do with the few number of calls that I've been able to have. But, I think, given the situation, the fact that free agents have just become available, minor league free agents have become available, I think next week is probably the first time most GMs are going to be talking seriously with other clubs.

"Now, it's more a process of looking at those two free agent markets and seeing what's there and having some conversations. And next week would be the logical time for clubs to be talking to one another. But I don't think we're too far behind the power curve here, in spite of what we've had going on."