Meyers: The case for Beltran in RF

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran

#15 CF
New York Mets

2010 STATS

  • GM64
  • HR7

  • RBI27

  • R21

  • OBP.341

  • AVG.255

ESPN The Magazine's Matt Meyers makes the case for Carlos Beltran moving to RF in 2011 on multiple fronts, including:

From a medical perspective, a position switch makes sense. Beltran will be 34 in April, and he missed the first half of last season after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to clean out arthritis in his right knee. And anyone who watched the Mets after the all-star break could see that his gait just wasn't as smooth, and he seemed to labor when chasing fly balls.

Plus, Meyers asserts, Angel Pagan is a capable alternative.

Pagan boasted a UZR of 7.9 in just 94 games as a center fielder in 2010, and was also above-average as measured by other defensive metrics such as Total Zone and Defensive Runs Saved. While most statheads will say that it's folly to rely on a single season of data when looking at fielding metrics, this wasn't a fluke. For his career, Pagan has a UZR of 8.6 per 150 games in center. Among center field qualifiers in 2010, only Michael Bourn (17.6), Marlon Byrd (9.3), and Julio Borbon (8.9) were better.

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