Agent: If Mets want to win, K-Rod's the guy

Francisco Rodriguez's agent says that if the Mets want to win, then Rodriguez will be their closer.

"There are options every year," Paul Kinzer told the New York Post. "You can't tell a manager what to do, but I haven't heard of a manager that doesn't want to win. I don't think it's an issue."

But the issue is Kinzer got Mets COO Jeff Wilpon and GM Omar Minaya to agree to a very special option for 2011. If K-Rod finishes 55 games, then a $17.5 million option will kick in for 2012.

How ridiculous is that option? Well, the highest-paid closer of all-time is Mariano Rivera, who once again will make $15 million this season.

Rodriguez will get an extra $2.5 million and obviously isn't as good. While K-Rod being effective this season would be a benefit to the Mets, it could hamper how much money they have to spend come next offseason.

K-Rod's agent thinks the Mets will treat K-Rod fairly, if they want to win.