Ike wanted to pitch in ASU alum game

Good thing someone is looking out for the Mets well-being at Arizona State University and didn't grant first baseman Ike Davis his initial wish. Turns out Davis, who played in ASU's alumni game Saturday, walking and singling with an RBI, initially wanted to pitch -- which he did part-time while playing for the Sun Devils.

The school's coaching staff wouldn't let him.

Still, for the record, Davis is quite the pitcher. Former ASU teammate Mike Leake of the Cincinnati Reds praised Davis last year.

And Mets outfield prospect Sean Ratliff, who lived with Davis this offseason and faced him while playing in college for Stanford, said: "He's so hard to face. He's got 14-foot-long arms. He's like the gangliest guy alive. He throws from the stretch straight at you and he's 94 mph with run. He probably could have pitched in the big leagues if he worked on it."