Young's 2010 catcher says RHP back

Chris Young will have a chance to demonstrate he is all the way back from a shoulder procedure that limited him to four major league starts last season begining with Sunday's Grapefruit League start against the Braves, but catcher Dusty Ryan already sees a different pitcher.

Ryan caught Young last spring training with the San Diego Padres, then again during the summer with Triple-A Portland as Young was making rehab starts while working back from a false start to his 2010 season.

"Definitely the most noticeable thing is his velocity," Ryan said. "He has a lot more velocity back. All of his pitches are a lot sharper. I mean, he's always had that curveball, but he's got movement on it. Everything just looks a lot better."

Ryan said it's definitely a vast improvement from last spring training with the Padres.

"From spring training to the time I caught him in August, I could tell there was a difference even then," Ryan said. "I don't think he was ready yet."