Bay injury ramifications

Terry Collins sounded like Jason Bay will open the season on the disabled list. In fact, Collins already was floating alternative lineups during a postgame address with media on Wednesday.

The manager indicated Angel Pagan, initially the No. 2 hitter, may be dropped into possibly the No. 6 position to "protect some guys."

Said Collins: "He brings some thump to the plate. I'm thinking about perhaps with Jason being gone maybe putting him in a spot where he can help drive some runs in."

Josh Thole "would be a good guy" to slide into the No. 2 hole, Collins added.

"With Jason being out, I'm looking at a little different lineup on Friday, which I'm going to talk to some of the guys about tomorrow," Collins said. "Hopefully Jason is back real soon. But I want to try to balance out the lineup a little bit. ... I don't want to mess with David [Wright in the No. 3 hole] and I don't want to mess with Carlos [Beltran in the cleanup spot on days he plays]."

Lucas Duda would make the roster in Bay's absence.

Hypothetically, the Opening Day lineup could look like this:

Jose Reyes (S)

Josh Thole (L)

David Wright

Carlos Beltran (S)

Ike Davis (L)

Angel Pagan (S)

Lucas Duda (L)

Brad Emaus

Mike Pelfrey