Mets have big showing at Walter Reed

Forty-two members of the Mets organization visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Tuesday morning, team officials said. The team annually visits wounded soldiers at the facility.

The visit was voluntary. The only players who did not participate were relievers Taylor Buchholz and Francisco Rodriguez, both of whom were given permission to travel to Washington on Tuesday so that they could spend the Monday off-day with their families, GM Sandy Alderson said.

Alderson, a former platoon commander and company commander in the Marines in 1970 and '71, said his first visit to the facility was meaningful. He had previously visited military hospitals in Bethesda, Md., and San Diego, but never the Walter Reed facility.

"I thought it was meaningful for all of us. But I certainly was taken by the spirit that the wounded soldiers and Marines exhibited, the support that they're getting from the hospital staff and so forth, and hearing their stories of how these injuries occurred was pretty sobering," Alderson said. "I think everybody who was there benefited from it."