Reyes, ump make amends

Brad Mills/US Presswire

Jose Reyes reacts to Wednesday's call by ump Marvin Hudson. The two made up Thursday.

One day after umpire Marvin Hudson blew a call at third base and ruled Jose Reyes out on a would-be triple in the eighth inning, the pair exchanged apologies during Thursday's game.

Reyes said Hudson called him over between half-innings midway through the game to admit he was incorrect in ruling Reyes' hand had come off the base. Reyes apologized for his outburst over the call.

"He talked to me during the game. He said he looked at the replay and he missed it out there," Reyes told ESPNNewYork.com. "I said, 'It's good you let me know. I think I overreacted too.' So I apologized because of that. I went crazy a little bit. But that's in the past."