Collins on Yanks, Posada drama

Jorge Posada

Designated Hitter
New York Yankees


Terry Collins, invited to comment about the Yankees’ drama with Jorge Posada, initially said: “I probably shouldn’t go there.”

But the manager could not resist at least having a little fun. Asked if Chris Capuano was OK batting ninth Sunday, Collins replied: “The story was this morning I should put Jose [Reyes] there and see what the response was. I probably don’t want to touch that since we’re playing them this week.”

Collins added that he certainly received a break in spring training when Carlos Beltran so gracefully moved from center field to right field.

“You better believe it would have been tough,” Collins said about the difficulty if Beltran would have resisted. “No doubt about it. I have been there. The response sometimes is not pretty.”

Added Collins: “Joe Girardi is an outstanding manager. I got to head it off in spring training. I didn’t have to do it midseason. But I had the player part of the decision-making. Then when it comes down the line, they’re not surprised or anything else.”