Alderson on wrong-said Fred, injuries

Here's what Sandy Alderson had to say postgame about Fred Wilpon's comments, as well as injuries updates ...

On The New Yorker article: "I think everyone was surprised by the comments. But there's nobody who is more passionate about the Mets, has more empathy for the players, than Fred. I think that we all get caught up in the emotion from time to time and perhaps say some things that on reflection probably were not well chosen. But I know he's reached out to the players involved and has talked to most, if not all of them, at this point. It's time for us to move on."

With respect to payroll, you indicated as early as the winter meetings that it would go down some. Would the Sports Illustrated figure Wilpon cited -- $100 million or less -- be lower than you anticipated? "Are we talking about The New Yorker article? Look, I haven't read Sports Illustrated. I haven't read Mechanics Illustrated. Men's Health. I don't know what stories may be out there. Until I've read those stories, I can't comment."

Let's ask it this way: Are you comfortable or aware the payroll could be at that $100 million level? "No."

That would go beyond what your initial expectation was? "Look, as I said, I haven't read the Sports Illustrated article. I wouldn't overreact to what might be contained in that article. Let's focus on getting past the New Yorker article."

Have you spoken with the players? "I expect to talk with him. I have not at this point. I think the fact that two principals of ownership have done that is probably the right direction to take. I'm here."

If other teams interpret the comments as you're not going to re-sign Jose Reyes, doesn't that affect your leverage at the trading deadline? "I wouldn't read too much into the article that hasn't already been read into the article. I don't think anything is pre-judged. There's no way for us to predict what will or will not happen with respect to Jose or anybody else. So let's not get too far ahead of ourselves."

Did David Wright see the back specialist in L.A.? "Yes, he did see the back specialist. I believe he saw Dr. Watkins yesterday. He may have had an appointment with a physical therapist in Los Angeles today just to go over the Watkins PT formula. I do expect that he'll be on his way back to New York shortly. There was nothing as a result of either the consultation or, as far as I know, the PT appointment that changed anything as far as his diagnosis or the expectations about him coming back."

Any established timetable? "No. I think what certainly I've learned over the last couple of months is that we need to get guys back running, doing some baseball activity, before we can actually lay out a timetable. But at this point nothing has changed from the original prognosis -- rest for 10 days or so and we'll see where we are. ... There's nothing so far that suggests he will be out longer than we originally anticipated. Now will it just be the two weeks? I don't know. But certainly the doctors have been consistent in saying that this injury is on the way to healing. And it ought to heal. And he ought to be back in relatively short order."

On Johan Santana, who threw 25 pitches off the top of the mound Monday: "He did throw some pitches off a mound. So I hesitate to say that we're on our way, but that was a good sign."

On Ike Davis (ankle): "Ike was OK today. Ike felt good yesterday, not so good today. He's able to come off on the 26th, which is -- what -- Thursday? That's not going to happen. So we'll see where we are at that point."