Mets morning briefing 6.1.11

June, 1, 2011
Despite a heel issue, R.A. Dickey took a scoreless effort into the eighth inning, when he surrendered three runs. The Mets ultimately lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates, 5-1, at Citi Field on Tuesday.

Wednesday's news reports:

• While it has been widely expected that Jose Reyes would be traded before the July 31 deadline, a source tells it's more likely Reyes stays for the season unless the Mets get bowled over with an offer. And if Reyes will sign for a reasonable amount next offseason, it might be David Wright who is traded instead. Read the full story here. Here's the thesis:

Jose Reyes and David Wright have only worn New York Mets uniforms in their major league careers. That is highly likely to change next season. Yet it is not a foregone conclusion that Reyes is the one who will be gone. General manager Sandy Alderson instead may choose to deal Wright next offseason, a source familiar with the organization's thinking told

Andy Martino in the Daily News said a source "called a report saying that the Mets might consider trading Wright in order to re-sign Reyes 'hogwash.'" Yet Daily News columnist John Harper writes:

For starters, if the payroll is about to be reduced dramatically, as Wilpon intimated in last week's Sports Illustrated story, obviously it's crucial that Alderson make the right calls on trading key players and the prospects he gets in return. Perhaps more than ever that could mean deciding between Jose Reyes and David Wright, the Mets' homegrown stars. And while Reyes always seemed more likely to go, as he heads for free agency this winter, there is a sense among some baseball people that the shortstop may be changing [Sandy] Alderson's mind. Tuesday, for example, a major-league scout who once worked under Alderson predicted that the GM will find a way to keep Reyes, even if it means trading Wright instead. "If he has to get down to a [payroll] number," the scout said, "I think he'll trade the other two [Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez] at the deadline, then deal Wright in the offseason. The way Reyes is playing, he has too much value to trade at the deadline for what Sandy can get in return."

Gary Carter will undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancerous brain tumors because surgery is not an option, his Duke University doctors announced Tuesday. Richard Sandomir writes in the Times:

[Dr. Henry S.] Friedman, who was not authorized by the family to discuss Carter’s case, spoke by telephone about glioblastoma in general. “Glioblastoma is the most malignant of the primary tumors we see in adults,” he said, “and anywhere from 12,000 to 18,000 cases are diagnosed each year, depending on who you read.” He said the average survival rate for patients after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is 14 months. “It is a tumor that generally everyone, not us, believes is a terminal illness,” he said. He added: “Bottom line, there are some programs like ours that are seeing long-term survival in an ever-increasing, albeit small, minority of patients.”

Sandomir writes the type of tumor -- glioblastoma -- is the same cancer that afflicted Bobby Murcer, Tug McGraw, Dick Howser, Dan Quinsenberry and Johnny Oates.

Read more about Carter in Newsday, the Post, Record, Daily News and Star-Ledger.

• After an examination Tuesday in New York, Ike Davis' left ankle has been placed in a boot for three weeks. “There’s been some question: Is it really a bone bruise? Is it a stress fracture?" GM Sandy Alderson told reporters. "It hasn’t been re-characterized as anything other than a bone bruise. But a bone bruise bleeds into a stress fracture, basically the same approach to recovery. Unfortunately, this is going to be three weeks-plus, it appears, before he’s back. It’s always possible that he’ll heal faster than that.’’

Brian Costa in the Wall Street Journal writes about the Mets' injuries:

In terms of the sheer volume of injuries, the Mets may not be as snake-bitten as they think. Their players have spent a combined 268 days on the disabled list this season, according to Stats Inc. That merely ties them for 15th in the majors. But the stature of the players they are missing make the injuries devastating. Between Johan Santana, David Wright, Davis and Chris Young, the Mets have about $38 million in salary languishing on the D.L. With a 2011 salary of $432,000, Davis is easily the cheapest of the bunch. But his production has been difficult to replace. At the time of his injury, Davis led the team in home runs (7), RBI (25), on-base percentage (.383) and slugging percentage (.543).

Read more about Davis the Record, Star-Ledger, Post, Times, Newsday and Daily News.

• Read game stories from Pittsburgh's 5-1 victory on Tuesday in the Post, Times, Star-Ledger, Record and Newsday.

• Rep. Gary Ackerman proposes that anyone who profited from a Ponzi scheme, unless it's proven they were in on the scam, should be able to keep the money, the Daily News reports. That begs the question: Where does the money come from to compensate people who lost in the Ponzi scheme?

Fred Wilpon told Mike Pelfrey that he loved his jab last week that the principal owner ought to sit in on the players' media-training session next spring training, according to David Waldstein in the Times. "He said, ‘I loved your comment,’ ” Pelfrey told Waldstein. “He told me, ‘Next year in spring training I am going to sit down right next to you.’ He was great about it.”

BIRTHDAY: Randy Hundley was never a Met, but he was involved in a famous moment in Mets history, and fathered a Met (Todd). He turns 69, with that year (1969) being the year of the notable occurrence. On Sept. 9 that season, the Mets and Cubs played a pivotal game at Shea Stadium, with Tommie Agee scoring a key run with a hook slide around Hundley. The Cubs backstop leaped high in the air and argued with the umpire to no avail. The Mets hung on to win on their way to a championship. -Mark Simon
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