Terry Collins erupts postgame

Here are quotes from Terry Collins' postgame news conference, during which he erupted as a result of a sloppy five-run seventh inning and 9-3 loss to the Pirates:

“I’m running out of ideas here,” Collins said. “Do we play hard? Absolutely. That’s not the issue. The issue is not effort. That’s not it. It’s about execution. We have to add on some points when we get the lead. And I’m not looking for home runs. I’m looking for quality at-bats. We can’t make careless mistakes. We do. We give up at-bats. We can’t do that. We don’t have that kind of team.

“I’ve told you guys, make no mistake about it, I truly believe in the players we have. I don’t care where they started out the season. I don’t care. I don’t care who were All-Stars and who weren’t All-Stars. This is a team thing. It’s not one guy. It’s not two guys. This is the whole team thing.

“I sit up every night trying to figure out what can we do to get us over the top. Should we hit-and-run more? Well, who do you have up there? You have guys up there you shouldn’t hit-and-run with. Should we bunt more? Well, if we don’t get bunts down, you’re putting them in situations to fail. Guys are pitching good. We get in situations where we’ve got to make a pitch, we don’t make a pitch. I don’t have the answers. I’m searching. I’m wringing the rag dry of coming in here and having to look at you [media] guys, and having you look at me like I’m a stinking fool. And I told these guys: ‘We’re good enough. We’ve got to go play the game right.’ We just can’t continue to make foolish mistakes. ...

“They’re big league players. They should be able to do it,” Collins continued, referring to the current 25-man roster. “I don’t know if it’s not anticipating the play. I don’t know. I’m not in their minds. But it’s how you play the game. This is a team thing. And I’m not pointing fingers at the players, all of them, either. I told the coaches: ‘We’ve got to do a better job. We’ve got to take responsibility for this.’ I’m the manager. It comes back on my shoulders. I’ll take all the sucking blame that anybody wants to hand out.

“That seventh and eighth inning are my players that I put out there. I truly believe in them. Therefore maybe I’ve got to make some adjustments. And, by god, they’ll be made. I don’t know if it comes with finding different players. But they’ll be made. Something is going to be changing.”